River got a necessary victory at the Monumental stadium against Aldosivi by 2-0 and is approaching the lot of pointers. Eliminated from the Copa Libertadores and the Copa Argentina, the local tournament is the only goal of the millionaire team in the semester and, at the same time, the key to enter the Libertadores 2022. Winning it would also imply solving the last promissory note of the it was Gallardo, who could never conquer a domestic league. “We were very hurt by the Cup. This championship is a great wish for all of us. We are going to give up our lives to win this tournament “Matías Suárez said bluntly after the meeting to TNT Sports.

“They gave us an opportunity because of the results that had occurred. Knowing that today we had to get the three points to accommodate us in the lot of those above ”, said in turn Enzo Pérez, author of the second millionaire goal. Regarding the chance to fight for the title until the end, the Mendoza midfielder pointed out: “The Argentine championship is very irregular. I don’t think any of them win two or three games in a row to get loose. You win one, then you lose, then you draw. I think it will be an attractive championship until the end. It will be very even ”, predicted the millionaire emblem.

The exact moment in which Enzo Pérez scored River's second goal against Aldosivi.

The exact moment in which Enzo Pérez scored River’s second goal against Aldosivi. (THE NATION / Mauro Alfieri /)

When asked about the possibility of an eventual call for the triple playoff date, Pérez threw the ball out: “I’m thinking of River. On what we have to do on Monday. On the journey. In getting a good visitor result “, answered. The millionaire team has to go to Junín to face Sarmiento. The number of players available for that match will depend on the resolution of the conflict that FIFA and the European leagues maintain for the release of the footballers who play in Europe. If it does not unlock, one of the possibilities is that the qualifying matches for Qatar 2022 will be played with elements of the local leagues.

Julián Álvarez laments after ruining one of the many opportunities that River had against Aldosivi.

Julián Álvarez laments after ruining one of the many opportunities that River had against Aldosivi. (THE NATION / Mauro Alfieri /)

“We are aware and we know when we don’t play well. Today it was very important that the three points stay in our house. The important thing is to win ”added Matías Suárez. And he continued: “I am happy and happy because we won again. That was my wish, beyond which I could not convert. We reposition ourselves in the top positions. We have to start getting results to get on up there ”.

Julián Álvarez, author of River’s first goal after an excellent team play, also spoke with TNT Sports. “We played a good game. We lacked a little more effectiveness. It was important to win to start adding three. We have to keep working to be more effective and score goals in the opportunities we have ”. Regarding the penalty, which goalkeeper José Devecchi stopped him in the first half, Álvarez explained: “I didn’t look at it. I wanted to kick in the middle and I thought he was going to throw me, but he stayed in the middle “.

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