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LN – Polar Wave: River opens its stadium to help people in street situation

Caminos Solidarios travels once a week to different Buenos Aires neighborhoods, providing a plate of hot food to people in a street situation; On very cold days you can call any of the emergency lines of each city

“This is the coldest week of the year, especially if we consider what is coming in the next four days,” said Lucas Berengua, of the National Meteorological Service. The cold will not let up in the city. The low temperatures will intensify and, which represents only an inconvenience for some, for others it can mean a serious risk to your life. The day before yesterday, a person who slept on Peru Street, 400, died in the neighborhood of Monserrat. This afternoon, from 18 in the stadium of River Plate, the NGO Red Solidaria will offer shelter and food for those who are in street situation.

“Tonight we will be in the monumental to see how we can help these people, we will receive shelter and food, the idea is also to see if we can take them around the stadium so that they can stay as long as possible,” said Juan Carr, chairs Red Solidaria. Tonight in the city we expect a minimum of seven degrees with a thermal sensation of one degree. The coldest night will be Saturday with a minimum of one degree in the city and subzero temperatures in the suburbs with possible frosts. This wave of polar cold aroused an alert in the authorities for fear that there may be other deaths.

According to the census of people who spend the night outdoors at the end of last April by the General Directorate of Statistics and Census of the city, the universe reaches 1146 individuals, informed the NATION sources from the Ministry of Human Development and Habitat of Buenos Aires. Last year, 1091 were counted and in 2017, 1066. Helping them by calling one of the emergency numbers or providing them with a coat and hot food is very important because the risks of hypothermia are increased.

On the potential risk to health, the cardiologist of the Homemaker Model Sanatorium, Gabriel Lapman, explains: “It depends on the nutritional characteristics of the person, it will vary the time that may be out in the open. It is known that when it falls below 35 degrees it is already a severe hypothermia.Symptoms are characterized by babbling, nausea, vomiting, weak pulse, falling blood pressure, among others. and the smallest are the ones with the highest risk of life “.

Where to call?

  • City of Buenos Aires: 108
  • Province of Buenos Aires: 911
  • Rosario (Santa Fe): 0800-444-0909
  • Bariloche (Río Negro): (0294) 442-7554
  • Córdoba capital: 103/108
  • San Miguel (Tucumán): 102
  • Mar del Plata (Buenos Aires): 147
  • Mendoza capital: (0261) 424-0441
  • The Silver (whatsaap) 5492216099407
  • Salta: 911
  • Jujuy: 103
  • Catamarca: 911

Donate blankets and coats tonight

Red Solidaria receives blankets and coats from today at 6:00 pm until Thursday morning, at River Plate (Av. Figueroa Alcorta and Udaondo, CABA). They will be there all night, accompanying people in street situations on the day when the lowest temperatures are expected.

Join as a volunteer to one of the night tours

  • Solidarity roads: More than 60 volunteers go through different neighborhoods in the city of Buenos Aires (Balvanera, Flores, Agronomía, Almagro, Caballito and Monserrat) to ensure a plate of food to the people who need it most. In addition, they provide elements of personal hygiene and help them in other specific requirements such as loading the SUBE, buying diapers and medicines, or accompanying them during medical visits. On Facebook: Caminos Solidarios Argentina / [email protected]
  • Foundation Si: Since 2009, the volunteers of the organization make the night tours with a plate of hot food and shelter for people in street situation. The tours are made in CABA, GBA, Luján, La Plata, Mar del Plata, Rosario, Cordoba, Tucumán, Salta, Jujuy, Resistencia, Posadas, San Juan, Mendoza and Neuquén. Tel .: (011) 4775-6159 /
    [email protected]
  • Lumen Cor: Provides comprehensive and interdisciplinary assistance to those who are in the street, accompanying them to get a stable job, a decent place to live and regain the bond with their family. They work in an articulated way with the volunteers of the Nights of Charity, who do the night tours to bring a plate of food to those who need it most. To join as volunteers you can write to [email protected];
  • Solidarity Network: This year, Red Solidaria launched for the eighth consecutive year the project Cold Zero, a campaign aimed at helping and accompanying people who are in a street situation. To learn more, you can contact them through their Facebook page or WhatsApp: +54 9 11 4915-9470.
  • Solidarity streets: Its objective is to provide help to people in a street situation or vulnerability. This task is carried out through nocturnal tours where the members of the group share a plate of food, something to drink and something sweet as a dessert with the people who need it most. They are in the areas of Morón, Ituzaingó and Merlo.
    www.facebook.com/CallesSolidarias.Ok / [email protected]
  • Making a mess: Among the different projects that the organization has, are the solidarity tours, an initiative that seeks to improve the quality of life of people living on the streets in the most vulnerable areas of Morón and Merlo. (In August add CABA) To join: (011) 2099-7432, WhatsApp: +54 9 11 5668-2029, mail:
    [email protected]



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