The retirees and pensioners who receive payment of their assets through the Anses (National Social Security Administration) may buy a computer through Banco Nación in 40 installments.

According to the information on the official website of the bank, the personal loan line was designed for the purchase of technological equipment from up to $ 300,000, with differential financing.

Anses benefits: what will be the amount of each with the increase in September

The benefit is intended for retirees and pensioners who collect their benefit through the Anses and who wish to acquire any of the devices included in the Mi Compu Plan. The details and benefits of each equipment can be consulted in the specific section of the BNA, as well as the estimate of the fees according to a purchase reference value.

Among the conditions for accessing the credit line is the relationship between the fee and the income received. In this case, the monthly loan payment may be up to 30% of net income From applicant.

Anses payments for August 2021: the complete calendar of all social benefits

Those interested in the plan will be able to enter their data on the site and manage the loan whose monthly payment will be deducted from the retirement asset or pension.

Requirements to access the Mi Compu Plan

  • National Identity Document (DNI) and a photocopy of it.
  • Unique Labor Identification Code (CUIL), recognized by ANSES.
  • Last two receipts for retirement or pension collection.
  • Last summary of the credit card, or invoice of a fixed service in the name of the applicant, or another to the satisfaction of the Executive Instance of credit involved in order to establish the address.

Loan details for the purchase of a computer

  • Aimed at retirees and pensioners of ANSES.
  • Up to 40 installments.
  • Delivery of equipment free of charge throughout the country.
  • Simple procedure and with very few requirements.
  • The fees are deducted from the retirement or pension.
  • Total early cancellation without charge for the client.

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