ROSARIO.- At midnight, Andrés called the police and warned: “My mother is dead in a closet.” He was not lying: when the troops went to the house, in Callao at 2600, they found inside a closet the body of an 82-year-old woman who had been savagely murdered with more than 20 stab wounds and then burned.

In the house was the victim’s son, Andrés RC, 40, who was detained on suspicion that he perpetrated a crime whose mobile is still a mystery.

The fact was discovered yesterday, when entered a call to 911 and Andrés RC alerted the police that the body of his murdered mother was hidden in a closet. A group of troops went to the place and found the answers inside the house.

Andrés RC was inside the residence and he told the police where his mother’s body had been for three days. When the police went to the designated closet, they did find the body of the crime.

According to judicial sources consulted by THE NATION, the crime would have perpetrated in the bathroom of the house. There, the old woman was stabbed to death; would have died in that place. Later, the murderer tried to burn the body with some type of fuel. The body showed signs of having been partially cremated.

The police found the body in a large locker in one of the rooms. The victim’s son, who was arrested, did not confess to being the material author of the crime. He is going to be subjected to an imputative hearing in the next few days, accused of being the author of the murder. According to the presumption of the investigators, who ordered a series of expert reports – in addition to a psychological and psychiatric analysis of the accused – to determine how the murder occurred, which would have occurred between three and four days ago.

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