LN – Lionel Scaloni: what the coach of the national team said about the classic against Brazil for the Qualifiers and Messi’s physical condition

Lionel Scaloni, coach of the Argentine national team, spoke about the classic against Brazil, which will be played this Sunday from 4:00 p.m. for the 6th date of the Qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022. “As for the team, I have an idea, today we join them to everybody. The idea will be to make some changes, thinking that the matches are very fair and the team gives samples with each other. That gives us the guideline to be able to decide calmly; It will depend on how everyone is in training in the afternoon ”, said the DT.

Immediately, the DT gave his opinion on the physical condition of Lionel Messi, after the captain of the national team suffered a disqualifying kick in the previous match against Venezuela by Luis Adrián Martínez, who was expelled: “In principle Leo is fine. It was a big scare, really, but it stayed there. We will know one hundred percent about his condition in the training before the game. “

In addition, Scaloni noted:

  • “Brazil is the biggest winner of all time, it is an important rival, whoever plays. They come from an incredible positive streak, they have players of enormous quality in any position. We face the game with the utmost demand, knowing that they are local and that they won seven games in a row. It will be of maximum difficulty and we take it seriously. We will try to win and leave a good image, this is what it is all about. Sometimes you can win and other times you can’t, the important thing is how we will face the game and we will know how to do it on Sunday ”.
  • “The changes are not due to a matter of taste, because it is proven that everyone has performed. It is important to be able to enjoy everyone and that the team does not suffer ”.
  • “We are prepared for different circumstances during the games. At times, Argentina is dominated and we know that this can happen, that we have to defend ourselves and it is a difficult moment because the rival plays. But we are clear about what to do when we have the ball, being deep with the wings or the ends, and having two players about to define. There are rivals with enormous offensive power that can complicate you. If you do not know that they can harm you, it is a mistake, we know it ”.
  • “I don’t like to talk about taking off a backpack. Because we won the Copa América and we went to Venezuela to seek to be protagonists. It is not that you won the Cup, you relax and say ‘well, I shot’. We must continue, it is our responsibility. Winning or not winning the Cup does not change these players, they are used to a huge demand “
  • I am not interested in the undefeated either because I know that at some point it will be cut. Hopefully whatever lasts. It is not something that worries us and we are not invincible. If it’s time to lose, let the team feel good. Unbeaten is only a statistical question and it is not important ”.
  • “We do not think about catching up with Brazil, but about scoring points and reaching the World Cup. I don’t think the location in the table is relevant ”.
  • “I am not aware of the match against Italy, in the match between the Copa America champion and the Eurocup. Neither official or unofficial. We will wait in due course, but I’m not focused on that right now. “

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