In the most virtuous confrontation of The Argentine Voice On Thursday night, Tomás Peñaloza and Facundo Giovos did not take a meter. Tomás opened the duel with a subject close to the hearts of the jurors, Mau and Ricky. “If you say yes to me” was recorded by Reik, Farruco Y Camilo, who is the boyfriend of Evaluna Montaner, the boys’ younger sister.

Immediately after, Facundo followed the same Latin pop wave offering an impeccable version of “Hawaii”, by Maluma. Despite the fact that none of them have Caribbean roots, the rhythm, the interpretation and the vibe spread throughout the studio and got everyone dancing.

“Posta have it difficult,” he started Lali Esposito-. The urban genre should never be underestimated. It is very difficult to sing it as you did, well, with vibe so that the song does not fall, it does not become monotonous. The two gave a lot of life to these songs. Sexy sides, both cute ”. It must be clarified that since he arrived on the program, the jury carried out a game of seduction with Giovos, which he also kept in pure humor during this instance.

Ricardo Montaner, La Sole, And till Marley They also gave their opinion, which coincided with that of their companion. Then it was Mau and Ricky’s turn to make the final decision. The first one took the floor: “As Lali said, it is not easy to sing this genre, because it requires a flavor that is very difficult to achieve. If you are not from a Caribbean place you are screwed because it is in your blood, you do not buy. And they both have it. Whoever leaves today I want them to know how important it is not to get discouraged ”.

His brother Ricky went even further: “You got to meet so many people here that you have to take that opportunity, and pick up the phone tomorrow and say: ‘Hey, we wrote a song together.’ Because I swear to you that you have what it takes to be artists in the mainstream today, I swear to you ”.

And although the balance leaned towards Facundo Giovos, Tomás Peñaloza was awaited by one more surprise. Because Ricky made a live video call with his brother-in-law Camilo (whom the participant had honored) to support him. While the participant was moved to tears, the artist was very sincere: “I tell you something brother. That you are standing there is a giant triumph that most people who want to make music dream of, so it is a great first step in your career. What happened to me is that I also went to where you are, auditioning as part of a contest, and the first time I went they closed the door on me and told me that I was not ready. The second time I applied I earned it and the dream of my career that continues to this moment began. God’s plans are very different from yours, so let yourself go and walk your agenda armed. “

An exciting ending to the best duel of the night.

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