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LN – La Chata Solidaria: travel to change lives

La Chata Solidaria asks for the collaboration of the people to be able to build a kindergarten in a rural area Credit: Courtesy La Chata

It was three years ago that Jerónimo Chemes met Maurito, a three-year-old boy, at the school of the spot Ojo de Agua, in El impenetrable chaqueño. The boy, according to what Rosa, one of the teachers told him, had been abandoned by his mother and now lived in the school. “Something inside of me told me that I had to make a garden for these abandoned children, especially for Maurito,” says Jerónimo.

This was how, together with the members of the organization he founded 11 years ago,
La Chata Solidaria, built in a few weeks a kindergarten room which today 25 boys attend.

But that was not enough for Jerónimo: the NGO, which travels to different places in the 40,000 km of forest in the northwest of the Chaco carrying donations, medical attention and help to the schools, today seeks to build another room for the school of Quebracho, attended by 27 boys of school age and 15 children under six years of age. “The youngest go to eat: what is normal for us, for them it is a miracle,” says Jerónimo.

To begin with the work -made by the same members of the foundation-, they must assemble a previous infrastructure, installing generators and cables, since the community does not have electricity or water. “They have solar panels that work every so often and take water from the well,” explains the founder of La Chata solidaria.

Credit: Courtesy La Chata

While traveling with a truck and the necessary materials, to achieve it, they need $ 250,000. If you want to help, you can enter
www.lachatasolidaria.com.ar to donate with a debit or credit card, or through a bank transfer to the Civil Association account La Chata Solidaria 132-012066 / 5; CBU 0720132120000001206654; Banco Santander Río; CUIT 30715948482.

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