Independent and Racing they play the Avellaneda classic, for the 5th date of the 2021 Tournament the Professional Football League (LPF). The meeting takes place at the Libertadores de América stadium, in Los Rojos, with the arbitration of Facundo Tello and televising of Fox Sports.

The Academy started to play with more precision and speed. His four forwards started out with mobility, with Enzo Copetti on the right, Lisandro Lopez behind 9 (Javier Carrea) and to the left Thomas Chancalay. A greater decision to seek the rival goal was noticed in Juan Antonio Pizzi’s team.

Licha López’s chance

As it happened in all the fields in the day of this Sunday, the rain played its game. And the wind was swirling, changing. That boosted the long and frontal game on one side and the other. Lucas Romero was in doubt until the last moment for a right hamstring injury. It was required to play the classic, but after 15 minutes he should have asked for the change. Replaced it White Sunday, who had also trained differently in the week for a blow to one of his ankles. At one point it was speculated that Julio Cesar Falcioni was going to lean towards a scheme with five defenders (he had tried it in the week), but finally he played it with a 4-2-3-1.

Racing players asserted themselves better on the heavy court. And they looked to attack with backed advances, putting between five and six players within Independiente’s area. Projections of Eugenio Mena on the left (one of the main keys of the last meetings) they were shown as a more than valid alternative. In one of his rises, the center narrowly missed Copetti, who attacked the space entering at the height of the far post.

First Division football.  Independent vs Racing Club.

First Division football. Independent vs Racing Club. (Mauro Alfieri /)

That block of four forwards spread out in a 4-2-3-1 scheme Pizzi had Licha López as a false 10, looking to be a nexus with good unmarking movements and passes. But also offering to verticalize when the play called for it. At 21 minutes, a left-footed shot of his to be placed went near the right post defended by Sosa.

The ‘key’ Palacios

The block of his four offensive footballers in Independiente is made up of Sebastian Palacios, Alan Velasco and Andrés Roa (in the assembly from right to left); and Silvio Romero as center forward. And several of them participated in the clearer situation of Red in the first stage: Palacios used the passage behind Bustos as a distraction and got a great center; goalkeeper Arias cut off before Velasco arrived, but the ball was left to Roa, who hit the goal with his left foot … until he appeared as “savior” Sigali and avoided the goal of the Colombian in the line of the goal. The right crossing of the central defender was worth a goal for Racing.

Independiente’s right wing returned to unbalance for his sector and sent an excellent center to Silvio Romero, but the Independiente captain could not hit the ball effectively. It was another very clear chance for those led by Julio Falcioni.

The end of the first half (with the clock adding) had another very clear situation saved, but for Racing. Sebastian Sosa, in great reaction, He avoided pure reflexes what was Javier Correa’s goal, with a left foot that deflected a defender and that, between the rain and the change of direction of the ball, exposed the goalkeeper to respond with his best instincts.

Independent came out with everything at the start of the second stage: the minute he had a chance with a volley of Palacios (his most dangerous player) who went very close to Arias’s left post. The action had been started by Roa from the left.

Racing answered right away with a left-footed lunge from Chancalay that hit Sosa’s right post, after an offensive excursion by Lolo Miranda to the right. The two approached with danger from the bands and with centers that were difficult to defend.

Falcioni and Pizzi moved the banks seeking to renew offensive energies: Gastón Togni entered for Roa in the premises and Benjamín Garré replaced Copetti. But Independiente struck with two protagonists who were already on the playing field: another overflow by Sebastián Palacios (one of the figures) on the right and a center for the header to the goal of Silvio Romero.

Silvio Romero’s goal


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