LN – In the midst of the interns, Mauricio Macri had dinner with Alfredo Cornejo and Rodolfo Suárez

In full internal crisis in Together for Change for the assembly of the lists, the former president Mauricio Macri met last night with two national referents of radicalism: the governor of Mendoza, Rodolfo Suarez, and the holder of the UCR, Alfredo Cornejo.

It was a relaxed dinner at Bodega Lagarde, the place chosen by the provincial president to entertain the founder of Pro, who traveled to Mendoza to present his book First time. Macri, Suárez and Cornejo agreed that the next legislative elections will be key to “brake” Cristina Kirchner and prevent the ruling party from gaining control of Congress. The national deputy also participated in the evening in Cuyanas Omar de Marchi, head of Pro in Mendoza, a leader very close to Macri who aspires to fight for the governorship of Mendoza; Hernan Lombardi Y Fernando De Andreis, among others.

“Today things are different from those of 2023, we must protect the institutional framework of Argentina. 21 is 21, do not stick it to 23 ″Macri told them, according to one of the attendees. A cryptic message for the head of the Buenos Aires government, Rodríguez Larreta schedule, his main rival in the internal bid for space leadership. In a sector of the UCR they are exalted when they hear that phrase from Macri: “He went to Córdoba and put together a mess when he supported Gustavo Santos”. Resquemores.

While tasting a steak eye, the former president, Cornejo, Suárez and De Marchi they analyzed the national political scene. “They agree with Mauricio that it is an election that defines many things. We decide if Kirchnerism goes for everything or not. They don’t have a look Light on the legislative ones ”, they commented from the surroundings of Macri.

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Those close to the ex-president remarked that Cornejo and Suárez, two UCR chiefs, were in tune with Macri on one point: “We have to put personal interests aside in order to stop Kirchnerism.” Another message addressed to the Buenos Aires administration headquarters in Parque Patricios.

“It was a social dinner. They talked about everything “sources close to De Marchi said. The former president attended accompanied by his wife, Juliana Awada. There were also the wives of Suárez and De Marchi.

Last night, Macri led the presentation of the memories of his four years in office in Mendoza, one of the four districts where Juntos por el Cambio governs. In the midst of tensions over the electoral strategy in the province and in the city of Buenos Aires, the former president asked to lower the confrontations. “We have to minimize the internal ones”, Held.

Before an audience of young people, Macri asked to “contain egos” and stressed that it would not be good for them to “look for dirty laundry” among allies. The message coming down from the founder of Pro is clear: we must not advance the fight for leadership from 2023 to 2021. Larreta, on the other hand, seems to be determined now to define who is boss in the space.

“Living in a democratic system linked to the world, away from the abuse of models such as the Nicaraguan or the Venezuelan”, Macri asked. The former president does not understand why Maria Eugenia Vidal decided not to compete again in the province of Buenos Aires. He is convinced that the former governor is the best candidate to confront Kirchnerism in his stronghold. The former president has scheduled a meeting with Vidal, when the former president returns from his trip to the United States. Can you convince her? In the larretismo they already take their pass to the Capital for granted.

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The former president welcomed the leap into the doctor’s policy Facundo Manes, the letter presented by the UCR to stand in the negotiations for the lists in the most populated district of the country. “Welcome, come to work and compete”, Macri said about the neurosurgeon during the evening last night, according to what they told about the former president. Some time ago, Manes met the former president in the offices that the founder of Pro rented in Olivos. “Mauricio does not veto anyone”, clarify their collaborators.

While it hasn’t been released yet, the neuroscientist is already trying on the candidate suit. Yesterday he carried out a ritual exchange: he led an expedition to Exaltation of the Cross to have lunch with the CC leader, Elisa Carrió. Manes arrived at Lilita’s farm accompanied by the head of the Buenos Aires UCR, Maximiliano Abad. “The conclusion of the lunch is that you have to work for unity”, pointed to a source from space. Another internal message for Pro.

Carrió no longer hides his discomfort over the internal tensions generated by the armed forces in the province. Lilita advocates a consensus list and is offered as a pledge of unity, to defuse the dispute between Jorge Macri and Diego Santilli. On the other hand, the larretismo and the UCR do not rule out an intern between Santilli and Manes. Despite the fact that some of Larreta’s gestures did not go down well in the CC, the former deputy remains in tune with the mayor and Vidal.

When presenting his book in Mendoza, Macri asked to minimize the internal ones. “We need a united, compact Together for Change, close to the people, interpreting the bad times they are going through and being responsible,” he said.

Since a few days ago, Michelangelo Pichetto seeks to convince Macri to compete as a candidate for national deputy in the City, an option that the former president rules out. “It’s pure smoke”, they repeat sources in their environment. Pichetto, who launched the federal table of Republican Peronism today, will continue to insist. Moreover, he comments to those who visit him at the National Auditor’s Office that the founder of Pro should head the Buenos Aires ballot accompanied by Patricia bullrich. A provocation for Larreta.

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