LN – “I always believed that people who had money had no problems”


María Lezcano: “I felt that poverty was felt in the hair, in the clothes, in the heels”


María Lezcano was born in the village of La Cava, in San Isidro, and for a long time she thought that defined her. She was a teenage mother, suffered violence from her partner and for many years worked as a maid. He lived in the village and did not dare to dream of a better future. “I felt that poverty was noticeable in the hair, in the clothes, on the heels,” says this 46-year-old woman, who has 5 children and 4 grandchildren.

For her “the outside” was the people of San Isidro and La Horqueta, those who had pools, those who said that they mistreated people in their neighborhood when they were hired and those who were happy just for having money.

“I always believed that people who had money had no problems. I worked as an addiction operator and met many mothers who suffered this with their children. And it is always said that the neighborhood boys are the ones who get high and the truth is that there was everything in the groups of mothers that I accompanied. There were people who had money and people who did not have it. And when we were in that drug problem, we were all the same, “Lezcano reflects.

Lezcano managed to break his own prejudices and was encouraged to reinvent himself. He finished high school, studied to be a social psychologist, specialized in addictions and began working in the social enterprise
Believe “The first girlfriend my son had was from Martínez and when he brought it to my house I thought” it will be that parents know “because I was ashamed of my house and my neighborhood, because I had never dared to leave my neighborhood When I did it, luckily I met incredible people with whom I can sit today equally, who can look into my eyes, look up and know that nothing sets me apart from them, “he adds.

One of the questions they ask Lezcano the most is why now that he has a blank job and stable income, he doesn't move out of the neighborhood. “Because it is my house. It gives me security. My old people live a block away. It is the community. It is the care of the neighbors. I am convinced that the place of residence does not determine people. I no longer want to talk inside or outside. For me we are all the same. I no longer see that difference from the one that has more or less “



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