LN – Hunger for the future: how are the boys in Santiago del Estero




The Santillan
A decent house for the family

The image of seeing the Santillán surviving in the misery in the place Los Tigres, in the Santiago mountain range, hurt in the body. When we arrived at his ranch raised with bricks, plastics and sticks almost a year ago, we found Nolasco “Palito” Santillán, his wife Norma and his 13 children and a grandson, mired in extreme destitution.
On the ground floor, without doors or windows, they spent their days exposed to heat, cold, spider and viper bites, Chagas and all the diseases of poverty. There were sixteen people sleeping on seven beds in an untamed jumble of bedspreads, with clothes hanging on hooks on the ceiling because they had no closets.
The enormous impact that its history had bothered many, especially the provincial government that ordered that the housing situation of the Santillán be resolved. Today they are about to move to the house of material, four rooms and bathroom, which they built on their land.
“They also sent us 10 bunk beds, with mattresses, two tables with chairs and everything from Santiago capital. I thank the government for the help it has given us, ”says Santillán. Thanks to donations made by the audience of LA NACION through the NGO Making Way, the Santillán were able to buy a refrigerator, a kitchen, a carafe, all the electricity connection and the entire pillar of light

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