LN – How will the reopening of the borders in the face of the drop in Covid cases

This morning, the Minister of Health of the Nation, Carla vizzotti, announced several sanitary measures given the sustained decline in infections and deaths Covid-19. Among the main flexibilities, one stands out gradual and careful reopening of the country’s borders Coordination with Migrations, the National Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC) and other authorities will be completed.

“From this moment on by instruction of the President and the Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Ministries of Health, Tourism and Sports, Interior, Security and Chancellery, together with the 24 jurisdictions and experts, we will work together with Legal and Technical to, Through an Administrative Decision (DA) in the next few days and with the renewal of the DNU and the DA of borders until October 1, advance in this line ”, said the Presidency in a statement detailing the measures.

One by one, all the sanitary measures announced by the Government

The Argentine ambassador to Brazil, Daniel Scioli, said “There is great expectation to welcome Brazilian tourists again”, after the announcement by the national government of the opening of borders due to the decrease in coronavirus cases. “We are moving towards normality and especially we have great expectations to receive Brazilian tourists again,” Scioli celebrated on his Twitter account.

At the beginning of September, and with the intention of starting to reactivate tourism, especially international tourism, the province of Mendoza had already celebrated progress in the gradual reopening of borders when the national government endorsed the return of the Mendoza stranded in the outside by the airport El Plumerillo or by the Cristo Redentor Pass, without having to go through Ezeiza.

What will the reopening of the borders be like?

  • September 24: the isolation of Argentines, residents and foreigners who travel for work and are authorized by the immigration authority will be eliminated.
  • October 1: the entry of foreigners from neighboring countries without isolation will be authorized. The opening of land borders will be at the request of local governors (with safe corridors approved by the health authority with a quota defined by the capacity of each jurisdiction).
  • Between October 1 and November 1: the progressive entry quota will be increased in all safe corridors, airports, ports and land borders.
  • November 1: all foreigners will be authorized to enter the country.

A psychedelic government

What will be the requirements to enter Argentina?

  • Complete vaccination schedule, with the last application date at least 14 days prior to arrival in the country.
  • Negative PCR test in the 72 hours prior to shipment or antigen at the point of entry until defined by the health authority.
  • PCR test on day 5 to 7 of arrival until defined by the health authority.
  • Those people who do not present a complete vaccination schedule, including minors, must perform quarantine, antigen test upon admission and PCR test on day 7.
  • At the time of reaching 50% of the completely vaccinated population, the antigen test will no longer be performed upon admission (except for those not vaccinated) and PCR on day 5-7, and the quota may be lifted.

More flexibilities

The Buenos Aires governor, Axel Kicillof, announced that starting tomorrow there will be a second free dose of the coronavirus vaccine throughout the province of Buenos Aires for people over 50 years of age, health workers, pregnant women and the immunosuppressed.

“It is a goal that we thought we would meet much later, but we can meet now thanks to the huge influx of vaccines and the large percentage of vaccination, with 90% of those over 18 already with one dose and 63% with the complete scheme ”, Remarked the president.

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