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LN – How to tear down myths and modify beliefs?

In Argentina there is an invisible network of thousands of people who every day help others to be a little better. That living tide is what you want to put on the agenda through the project
INVISIBLE NETWORKS, with the aim that more and more what is added to existing networks or create their own. Each one, in its square meter.

A neighbor, a friend, a teacher, a sponsor or a guardian can change the lives of young people from vulnerable contexts. Because a poor boy does not have a network or references that serve as a guide. When this human plot accompanies them, these children can dream, study, get a formal job or improve their house.

Hungry for the Future we confirm the spirit of solidarity of our audience. With this project, we want to show that we can all be an important part of the solution to the problem of poverty and that one small gesture can improve the life of another, “says Florencia Saguier, executive director of
La Nación Foundation

That is why, starting in June, the audience will be able to discover, in the different formats of LA NACION, inspiring stories of young people who, thanks to the support of several people and social organizations that gave them better opportunities, were able to move forward.

The technical assistance of this research was in charge of the Observatory of the Argentine Social Debt of the UCA and of
Unicef The first provided statistical information on the violation of rights in youth and the existing inequality gaps. The second made a contribution in terms of existing public policies and proposals for improvement, in addition to financial support.

One of the highest barriers that these young people have to overcome are all the prejudices that trap them and close their doors. To have a real dimension of what is the scope of these negative myths, the Voices consultancy was summoned! to carry out a national survey and qualitative focus group. The results will be known in each of the deliveries.

The objective is to transform the “they are all kid jets”, “they do not want to work because they are lazy” or “they only want to have children to collect the plans”, in first person stories that help to break with these beliefs and to understand poverty in all its dimensions, from the violation of rights to the lack of opportunities.

Therefore, they are the ones who are going to tell how to be born in poverty, have to work as children, what gaps they faced in issues such as health, education and housing, and how they overcame situations of bullying and discrimination.

For the project to be self-sustaining, the contribution of partner companies such as Banco Hipotecario, Grupo Román and
Pan American Energy.

“We believe that demolishing myths, modifying beliefs, changing culture and inspiring action so that each one of us can be another link in the invisible network.” Participating makes a difference, “says Fabiana Oliver, responsible for the sustainability of the Roman Group.

Paula Solsona, Corporate Affairs Manager of the
Banco Hipotecari o, maintains that “the future of many children in our country is nourished thanks to an invisible network of people committed to equal opportunities, contributing to the visibility of this network, as more and more Argentines get involved with this transformation. reality is aligned with the social mission of building the company's own community “.

Latam gave the passages necessary to make the notes and Toyota the trucks so that the production team could move around the country.


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