LN – How much does it cost to build the subway of a house located in a country


For months the market has recognized the full part of the glass that left the devaluation: the lower construction cost in dollars. Although opinions are divided, some developers defend the idea that the effect is short-term, because during the time it takes to build a venture, inflation ends up minimizing that positive impact on the business. But beyond the eyes there are numbers.

This week Real Estate Report released the fact that the cost of building a house in a country is at the lowest values ​​of the last five years. The estimate of the survey is that building a home on its own lot costs almost $ 86,000 per square meter. “This implies that building a house with a good level of terminations of 305 square meters has a cost somewhat above $ 27 million, which translates to a total of US $ 348,372 measured by the price of the marginal currency market,” says José Rozados, Director of Real Estate Report. He adds that it would have to be rolled back in mid-2015 to obtain a similar number.

Another conclusion is that the current cost is 33 percent lower than a year ago and 40 percent lower than the maximum in recent years recorded in November 2017, when it exceeded US $ 578,000. “If in analysis it is for every meter to build the typology of housing analyzed, about US $ 1106 blue is needed,” Rozados concludes. Beyond this advantage, the developers are not yet encouraged to start with the projects they had in the portfolio. The situation is different for those who bought land in a closed neighborhood. By not relying on sales, this is the time to put first to build the house of your dreams ..


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