LN – He lost one of his legs and needs a prosthesis to walk again


He has Down syndrome and sclerosis; after two years he lost a leg, his prosthesis no longer fits him and he needs a new one to be able to walk again

Lisandro Pereyra is a Boca fan and likes to dance with her friends. Like his younger brother, Jerome, with whom he goes to school and they are very cronies, Lisandro has Down syndrome.

Some months after he was born, the 15-year-old boy was diagnosed with sclerosis and at two years old, his left leg had to be amputated. “Until a little over a year ago I was wearing a prosthesis but she started to get a girl and now she needs a new one so she can walk again,” says her mother, Liliana, who lives with her two children and her husband in La Boca.

Lisandro with his brother, Jerónimo
Lisandro with his brother, Jerónimo

In addition to going to school, Lisandro attends therapies such as kinesiology to improve his posture that, in the absence of his leg, is getting worse.

To buy another prosthesis, your family needs $ 90,000. If you want to collaborate and help Lisandro to walk again, you can donate through a transfer to: CBU 0110599530000067234179. Account No. 0006723417. Liliana Pereyra. National Bank. Plaza de Mayo branch. You can also contact [email protected] or 1154178424.


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