LN – He left the traditions of his Wichi community to study law in Buenos Aires


He left the traditions of his wichi community to study law in Buenos Aires – LA NACION

Omar came to Buenos Aires to study law to defend his rights


Omar Gutierrez has an obsession: to become the first lawyer for Mision Chaqueña, the Wichi community in which he was born 25 years ago. His destiny was to be a carpenter like his father, but in high school he was awakened by the idea of ​​studying to defend the rights of his people. The problem was that in the rural area where he lived there are no university degrees and he did not have the resources or contacts to go to a big city.

His dream of knowing “outside” to go to university was only possible thanks to an unthinkable friend: Martín de Dios – a boy who appeared one day in the community on a solidarity trip with his school, the Florida Day School – and a group of colleagues and people who joined to give him the support he needed to be able to face uprooting. Today he lives in the city of Buenos Aires and is in the second year of the Law degree at the University of Flores.

This story of perseverance and resilience integrates the third installment of
Invisible Networks, a LA NACION project that aims to show how prejudices limit the opportunities of the most vulnerable young people, and reinforce their poverty situation.


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