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The key people in Jennifer's life

Jennifer Araujo always had leader characteristics. As a little girl I was the one who managed all the groups, I knew how to listen and resolve conflicts and always said what I thought. He liked to play football in his Pirayuí neighborhood, in the city of Corrientes and was in high school at the Cautivas Correntinas school.

At 17, she became pregnant with her boyfriend. “Let it be what God wants,” they said. One day he vomited on the soccer field, another passed out at school. The news took her by surprise. It was all fear and uncertainty. “The hardest thing is not knowing if you're going to be able to give him what he needs,” says Jennifer, who always knew that he would continue to pursue his goals.

When her belly began to be noticed, discrimination also began in the neighborhood, at school and even from her own friends. He listened to pejorative comments, received looks and many people directly stopped talking to him.

Jennifer wanted to prove to all of them that they were wrong. “A son doesn't ruin your life,” she says convinced. But I couldn't do it alone. Luckily, in his environment he found many people who were sensitized to his situation and who gave him a hand so that he could fulfill all his dreams: study, have a blank job and be able to build his house.

“Being a young mother closes doors. I always knew what I wanted so that others would respect me and since I had Valentina, I fight to give her the best life possible,” says Jennifer, while her two-year-old daughter is sitting in a pink plastic chair, coloring a book.

A hard childhood

His childhood was hard. In his family they are carts – they are dedicated to distributing construction materials in a horse-drawn carriage – and they were always treated by dirty, thieves and bad people. His mother, Raquel Bruzzo, was the first person who had a strong imprint in his life, marking the importance of being respected and betting on the study.

“I tell my children that they have to prove that they are alive, intelligent and that they can get ahead. They have to take advantage of the opportunities to study. You always have to be well groomed because being a career doesn't mean being dirty,” says Raquel.

Getting food for their children was a constant struggle. When Jennifer was a girl, her mother took her and her three younger brothers to lunch every day in a community dining room. Today they continue withdrawing food in tuppers and have lunch together at the family table. “It solves me a lot. The food is delicious, healthy. There is polenta, rice with chicken, milanesa. With fruit included and bread. It is varied. There is a day when they give you a yogurt with cereals,” says his mother.

Jennifer is the oldest of four brothers and in which they had all their expectations. When her mother found out that she was pregnant, she was afraid that she would leave school, that she would move in with her boyfriend and that all the effort she had made so that her daughter had a better future than her own, had been in vain But it was not like that.

Raquel put all her energies to accompany her, to help her raise her daughter and to teach her everything she knew about the job of being a mother. “My mom is everything. It's unconditional and it was always for me and my daughter,” summarizes Jennifer.

Teach with flexibility

The second important support came from two school teachers who always saw a lot of potential in Jennifer. Martín Temporeti and María Eugenia Felitas are the ones who supported her so that she did not leave school due to her pregnancy or when she later had to miss a full month because Valentina was born prematurely.

“I give the students the flexibility they need. If you don't give them a little time to solve their personal situation, you don't gain anything by putting extra pressure because you run the risk of dropping out of school. After that time, they They want to go ahead, finish school and have a degree. Maybe it is we who do not accompany them in their processes and make them explode, “Temporeti says.

Fleitas, meanwhile, established a maternal bond with Jennifer, as with the rest of her students. “I know their lives, their stories, I know when they are sad and I always try to accompany them. I think that is my function, besides the academic. Because I am in front of people and I want to train people,” he summarizes.

Jennifer continued to do her homework and present the work from the hospital. Then he began attending classes with his daughter, when he did not leave her in the care of his mother. It was received with excellent grades and being an escort.

A son doesn't ruin your life
A son doesn't ruin your life, “she says convinced

When he stopped playing football and being able to go out at night, Jennifer lost most of her friends. Yamila Fut was the only one who stood by her side to accompany her in her process to motherhood. “Friends there are many when you are for the fuck but you already have a creature and it is another responsibility. The fuck happens to be a third or fourth thing in life. I stayed because it has nothing wrong,” says Yamila, who is also the godmother of Valentina.

The last link in the network of people who supported Jennifer was the Argentine Crusade Foundation, which implements the methodology of the Forge Foundation, which helps young people in vulnerable contexts to access quality employment.

The key people in Jennifer's life

The dream of a stable job

Jennifer knew that she needed to have a stable job in order to give her daughter a good present. So he signed up to do the training course during the last year of school and with Valentina barely two months. “There was almost no lack of rain or heat, collective unemployment, much less for school,” says Marcelo Velázquez, Director of the Argentine Crusade Foundation.

Erica Fogar was the tutor of the Argentine Crusade Foundation who accompanied her throughout the training until she got the job in Mustard. “Here it is always repeated that nobody wants to work and I assure you that if you lower your prejudices a little you will find a lot of young people wanting to work, responsible, who need work and with whom you can form a formidable team. objectives, dreams to reach and they are going to commit to any place that allows them to reach those dreams, “concludes Fogar.

At this moment Jennifer is separated from Franco, her daughter's father and she is the head of the family who handles most of the expenses. Her dream is to be able to finish the little house that is being built to live with her daughter.

– Sometimes one says “I can't alone”. If you don't have support, it's like it costs you more. Emotionally, the “I can” is not complete. You need support to always get ahead. If you believe in you, much better. But you need someone to help you and give you a little push. Let me tell you: “Try it”.

Join invisible networks

Get close to the Forge Foundation and be part of other young people like Jennifer can get a quality job. You can do it by contributing money or joining your network of companies that hire young graduates of the program.

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If you want to help Jennifer finish her house and her bathroom, you can contact Marcelo Velázquez, director of Fundación Cruzada Argentina at + 549-362-483-9881 or by mail at
[email protected]



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