LN – Get ahead. She was a teenage mother, and managed to have a blank job


Jennifer Araujo is a 21-year-old girl born in a very humble family, in the Purayuí neighborhood, in Corrientes. During his childhood and adolescence he had to face many discriminations: his father who entered and left the prison, belonging to a family of “careers” and having been a teenage mother at age 19.

“They always told me that a son ruins your life but for me if you want and ask for help, you can. It's simple. I got pregnant, I finished school, I got a job, I want to study. I raised my house alone and I don't have a social plan that helps me, “says Jennifer, with tears of satisfaction in her eyes.

With much effort, he ended up being an escort, has a blank job and goes out of his way to give his daughter a worthy present. Thanks to the support of his family, some teachers and the Argentine Crusade Foundation, Jennifer achieved each of the objectives that had been proposed. His fight story integrates the fourth installment of
Invisible Networks, a LA NACION project that aims to demonstrate how prejudices limit the future possibilities of young people from more vulnerable contexts and deepen their exclusion situation. And that also when people appear who give them the opportunities they deserve, these children manage to break with the circle of poverty.

From being a teenage mother to end up being an escort and having a blank job



Get close to the Forge Foundation and be part of other young people like Jennifer can get a quality job. You can do it by contributing money or joining your network of companies that hire young graduates of the program.

Contact: + 54911-3040-4936

A house for Jennifer

If you want to help Jennifer finish her house and her bathroom, you can contact Marcelo Velázquez, director of Fundación Cruzada Argentina at + 549362-483-9881 or by mail at
[email protected]



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