LN – Get ahead. “I kept the coins to buy bread for the family”


In the first episode of Invisible Networks, Griselda Quispe, from Algarrobal, Mendoza, tells her story. What it was like to have to work as a girl in the harvest, in the brick kilns or taking care of her brothers. And how was it that thanks to different people who helped her to continue studying, today she is a nurse.

The childhood of Griselda Quispe was very hard. At home, the little they paid her parents was not enough to eat and she had to help. As a girl, I spent several hours harvesting grapes, almonds, tomatoes or garlic, cutting, peeling or boxing. It was also responsible for stacking the bricks in the ovens and “passing them” to load them on the trucks.

“We struggled to get ahead, we all went to the ovens to help a little, we did not have enough to eat or to get dressed,” says this woman who was also in charge of taking care of her brothers while her parents were away. With 8 years, he knew how to cook, bathe them, make them sleep and change their diapers.

Her logical destiny was to follow in her parents' footsteps: work in the harvest or be a domestic employee. But Griselda was always clear that although she was very shy and bullying at school, she wanted to study.

Today, with 23 years, Griselda could receive a nurse, thanks to the support of different people and organizations at different times of her life. Precisely, that is the spirit of the Invisible Networks project of LA NACION: to show the importance that it has for young people from vulnerable contexts to come across people who offer them the opportunities that many times their environment can not give them.

“Griselda has known how to take advantage of each of the people who were available to her”, summarizes Adriana Chitadino, who was her teacher during the primary.


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