LN – Emmy 2021: Gillian Anderson ignored her ex, the creator of The Crown, in her acceptance speech

Gillian Anderson, who embodied Margaret Thatcher in the last season of The Crown, and Peter morgan, the creator of the hit fiction depicting the life of British royalty, they lived a secret romance of four years, the same that accumulates the series released in 2016. However, after what was their first work collaboration, the glamorous couple decided to end the relationship.

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At the awards ceremony Emmy last Sunday, Anderson won in the category of Best Supporting Actress in a drama series for her portrayal of the “Iron Lady,” while Morgan took the award for Best Screenplay. However, what most caught the attention of all the fans of the series was that, during the gala, despite being in the same place and being nominated by The Crown, neither of them referred to the other during their respective award speeches.

The actress and the producer were at a satellite event for the Emmy awards in London, from where the entire team of the series followed the gala, so the strange situation of not naming each other in the thanks was more than evident.

Anderson won Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her portrayal of

Anderson won Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her portrayal of “Iron Lady” (Hello! /)

The first to take the stand to collect his award was Morgan, who won an Emmy for his extraordinary adaptation of the life of the British royal family for television. During his speech, the screenwriter was expected to refer at some point to his ex-partner but none of this happened and he just thanked the entire cast and the production team in general.

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In the same sense, Anderson was very excited when receiving the award and thanked her manager Connie Freiberg for all the support he provided throughout his career. In addition, the actress recognized the work of all her colleagues with whom she shared a nomination, but at no time did he mention his ex-partner, even though it was Morgan who convinced her to accept the important role in The Crown, a job that earned him his second Emmy after 20 years of winning the first for his character as Dana Scully on The secret X files.

Morgan took the award for Best Screenplay

Morgan took the award for Best Screenplay (Hello! /)

Despite having been together since 2016, the actress and producer worked together for the first time on the fourth season of the series about the life of the British royal family. They both reached a reasonable agreement that helped them separate their professional relationship from the sentimental one. “For our own sanity and really for the benefit of the relationship, we had very clear boundaries. I was not going to comment on his scripts, but he could not comment on the interpretation, “said Anderson in an interview with the magazine. Harper’s Bazaar.

What was the relationship between Anderson and Morgan like?

Despite the discretion with which they always handled their relationship, the actress had decided to share some details of the way they were dating, making it clear that they never thought about living together because they enjoyed the relationship as they were. “We don’t live together because if we did it would be the end of our relationship. Works great as is. When we get together it’s wonderful, “Anderson confessed in an interview with the newspaper. The Sunday Times early 2020.

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“It is very special when we are together,” added the actress. However, the couple decided to end their courtship at the end of 2020. And despite the fact that no one knew of their separation, the appearance of the screenwriter with Jemima goldsmith, made it clear that it was all over.

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