LN – Coronavirus in Argentina: Axel Kicillof announced that the free vaccination of all priority groups in the province will start tomorrow

The Buenos Aires governor, Axel Kicillof, announced that from tomorrow in the province of Buenos Aires “all prioritized groups” will be able to free vaccination against coronavirus. This means that those over 50, health workers, education workers, security forces, those over 18 with comorbidities and pregnant people will be able to approach the vaccination points without a shift and apply the doses.

This was reported when leading a press conference in the Golden Room of the government, in La Plata.

“We are going to extend our free vaccination program starting tomorrow throughout the province. Until all prioritized groups are reached. Starting tomorrow, any of the groups can come to a vaccination with DNI and proving your condition You can vaccinate without a shift, throughout the province, ”said the official.

After that, Kicillof explained that until now, Buenos Aires has already vaccinated 90 percent of these groups. “We are close to full vaccination. Free vaccination of these groups allows us to complete them ”.

“This is the result of the success of our vaccination program”added

In the same sense, the governor indicated that anyone who has missed the turn of the first dose can also approach a vaccination center, with the previous certification, to receive the dose even if they do not have an appointment. “We are expanding access to vaccination.”

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