LN – Coronavirus: how is the life of the infected number 13 in the country after discharge

Happy times: Nelson gathers his partner, Claudia, in Genoa. Then there would be hospitalization for the coronavirus infection Credit: Kindness

A dream trip through Europe, with an obligatory passage through the land of his ancestors, in Slovenia, had for Nelson Martínez the least desired end:

seven days of hospitalization plus a period of isolation after confirming that he was the infected Argentine



number 13.

A few days after the end of the period of isolation established after being discharged, Nelson agrees to speak with


via WhatsApp from the living room of his house, in Recoleta. Bill

that feels as healthy as before becoming infected. “My case fits within the mild ones. And they say that the mild cases do not have sequelae. In fact, if I start singing today as I did before, I do not feel that I am short of breath or anything like that. But neither are the doctors They gave me many certainties about it because they did not have them. I was one of the first cases in the country “, he explains through an audio, in which, in the background, the music of a tango is distinguished.

Nelson Martínez, in dialogue with LA NACION. He was discharged after being hospitalized for the coronavirus
Nelson Martínez, in dialogue with LA NACION. He was discharged after being hospitalized for the coronavirus Credit: Kindness

Nelson still doesn’t know what will happen once the isolation period is over, next Friday. Although more than ten days have passed since discharge and he feels very healthy since then, he prefers not to consider himself as


if not

in the process of healing

. ”

The City Government

It monitors me daily: they call me twice a day, they consult my temperature, which I take, and they ask me if I have any symptoms. They also worry a lot about the emotional, they ask me if I am well or if I need the assistance of a psychologist to cope with the confinement. But thank God I am very well, “he says.

In the daily exchanges with the doctors, the issue of what will happen when the period of


. “They do not tell me, and I still have not asked what is next because I go day by day, so as not to get anxious,” he maintains. “This is the period of isolation. What they had told me is that in some paintings isolation was it can stretch a little more, it depends on each case. ”

Nelson is 51 years old and is a building manager. He is in a relationship with Claudia. “We lived together in my apartment and the routine was to go to his on weekends,” he recalls. It is there where Claudia now passes her isolation, on medical recommendation.

The date on which they both set foot on Italian soil was last February 12. They toured several cities in that country and some in Slovenia, Nelson’s grandmother’s land. At the beginning of the trip, the coronavirus was supposed to be a distant disease. But halfway through, when they were touring Bologna, the virus became a more concrete threat. “There we began to respect all the precautions indicated by the Italian government: hand washing, not sneezing over the hand, avoiding crowded places. In Italian civil society, this was not followed. The government took all the measures, gave all the suggestions He had to give for what had to be done, but society followed his normal life, you saw that there was no care, that there were no objections between them when it came to being together, side by side, the bars all full of people. “, remember.

Nelson in Slovenia, his grandmother's land
Nelson in Slovenia, his grandmother’s land Credit: Kindness

They returned to the country on March 5. Her symptoms started on Friday night 6. “Throughout Saturday, that we spent all day isolated in the department, there were more and more muscle aches, more fever, cough too. At no time did I gasp or drown. My case was never dramatic. But when the fever reached 38 degrees, I called the


, a protocol was opened for my case and I was transferred to

Muñiz hospital

. I was hospitalized for a week. For the first five days in an intensive care room, not because of my state of health, but to avoid spreading it. Then I was the rest of the time in a very large room, where there were two other people, all very separated from each other, all in pre-discharge status. When a week was up, they gave me the institutional discharge, “he adds.

During the hospitalization, his family convinced him to start a blog. He did so. From your blog, called

Coronavirus case 13 in Argentina

Nelson began to share his daily experience. “It was born with the aim of telling my case to others, hoping that it could be useful to someone. Not to speak medically about the disease, but from my experience,” he says.

Good cheer and until the beginning of a blog during your hospital stay for the coronavirus infection
Good cheer and until the beginning of a blog during your hospital stay for the coronavirus infection Credit: Kindness

Today, he continues to dedicate time to the blog, with the intention of transmitting hope and a little of his faith in God. For the rest of each day,

a routine was built that keeps him active

. “I get up between 8 and 9, I eat all four meals, and I try to make habits for myself: so much reading time, so much television, walking, doing the room, cooking … When I start, I make up the bed and I don’t use it anymore until night; if I want to lie down, I do it in the chair but not in bed. I don’t keep bedding. And I’m looking for occupations. The other day I started to upholster a chair, because I I really like doing these things, I had cloth and all the elements so I put it on. Tomorrow I will continue with another “, he says.

Although he is perceived in good spirits and with a good attitude, coping with everything that has touched him, Nelson dreams of recovering those other routines that he has paused, such as dancing tango. “I plan to return to my occupations. In addition to my managerial job, I dedicate myself to doing apartment maintenance and I have a lot of back work. I want to enjoy day to day to the full, to spend the weekends with the people I love, to go to the field when football returns, start planning a new trip that may not be in 2021 but in 2022, but start setting goals, “he says.

Fervent fan of San Lorenzo, says not to fear the day after the virus. Not even to the eventual prejudice of some. “If someone does not want to approach me or is scared, obviously I will understand that fear and I will justify it because perhaps the same would happen to me if I am on that sidewalk. I have to respect that person. But I do not have fear of nothing because I am a man of great faith, I have a God ahead of me and I do not have to fear anything. I am going through a disease like any other mortal. Nothing else. ”



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