LN – Carmen Barbieri’s fury with the Cebollitas actor who denounced abuse: “You’re lying”

Juan Yacuzzi, known for playing Coqui on scallions in the late ’90s, starred in a tense crossing with Carmen Barbieri in the middle of his public complaint for alleged abuse that he lived with his colleagues in fiction. The actor was invited to Morning (City magazine), led by the capocómica, and there he reaffirmed his sayings. However, the exvedette, who also worked in the youth program, was against the version and went out to the crossing: “We are going to trial and I deny it to you until death ”.

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“What happened to you that you say that you say that the director, who was a saint, yelled at you? Do you say that the cameras mistreated you? What are you saying, my love? Why don’t you denounce people then if you are going to tell one thing that is not true. What happens to you? I do not understand. I’ll explain why it bothers me: it’s about children, minors and you told it as if we all locked them up or punished them and that didn’t happen at all ”, the driver expressed to Jacuzzi, and quickly added that she would love to talk to Dalma Maradona, who also starred in fiction, for her to talk about her experience.

In response to these questions, ‘Coqui’ told him: “Actually that happened because we spent many hours locked in a small room, Anyone can do that and Dalma was there too. The great ones were treated differentlyIn fact, there was a huge difference when we were the protagonists. We filmed 20 scenes a day and if we were wrong they would yell at us in a terrible way and treat us for slapping ”.

When listening to the actor’s version, the host maintained that if they went to trial, she would deny those versions “to death.” In that sense, he expanded: “It is not true and it was not a small room. It was a big dressing room, where they had the boys there because the mothers could not be in the recording and, furthermore, They couldn’t go out because anything could happen and they were in charge of the producers”.

When the panelists doubted whether there was a scene where one of the protagonists could have been challenged, she said no. “I never saw a boy mistreat”, he remarked, while clarifying that she was present all the time in the filming.

Given this, the actor interrupted her and explained that in reality many of the boys did not share so many hours of recording with her: “The scenes we had with you were few. It was different when we were all in the dressing room, it was another story. In fact, the Colo (another of the protagonists) can tell you that they made him cry several times, the hours they kept us locked up in that little room and we couldn’t go out to the bar for a drink ”.

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Barbieri heard him but, very annoyed, told him that it was not possible that this had happened: “They were very young. They could not go to the bathroom alone or to the bar alone. They cared for them in such a way that they were not left alone, but what you are saying to me is a lie. An infamy! “.

Instead, the young man wanted to provide evidence and told him that with his former castmates they set up a WhatsApp group where they talked about the bad experience they shared. “If you want I will show you the conversations, there we are, all the boys and most who want to talk agree with me. If at that time there had been cell phones and the things that happened were recorded, they could not be done ”.

The cast of Cebollitas with Diego Maradona

The cast of Cebollitas with Diego Maradona who participated in the strip

After the tense crossing, the former participant of MarterChef Celebrity was surprised and, in a blunt way, specified: “It makes me angry because they were minors. I’m angry. The boys were not mistreated “.

Dalma Maradona’s word about the alleged abuse in Cebollitas

After the controversy broke out, and remembering his time in the fiction of Telefe, the daughter of Diego Maradona and Claudia Villafañe answered the question of a follower about the alleged abuse in the strip.

“Is it true what they say that in scallions did they mistreat all the boys and girls? ”, he consulted him through his Instagram stories.

Dalma Maradona denied the mistreatment denounced by Yacuzzi in Cebollitas

Dalma Maradona denied the mistreatment denounced by Yacuzzi in Cebollitas (Instagram: @ dalmaradona /)

Blunt, the actress He replied: “I never experienced abuse. In fact, the abuse that I saw at that time was more from some parents to their children than other people ”.

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