LN – Another wichi girl died in Salta: “I was not malnourished,” they reported from the hospital

The girl lived in one of the areas declared a socio-sanitary emergency; so far this year, at least 10 boys from Salta died Credit: Santiago Filipuzzi

Another death hits the Wichi people of northern Salta.

The girl was 5 years old and lived in the community of Pozo del Tigre

, about 9 kilometers from the town of Santa Victoria Este, one of the most delayed regions of the province. He passed away yesterday and,

According to official sources, the cause would be meningitis.

“This little girl had normal weight and normal size and the vaccination card a day,” Dr. Juan Ramón López, manager of the Juan Domingo Perón Hospital in Tartagal, told LA NACION.

His death occurred in the framework of the socio-health emergency declared in January by the Salta government in the departments of San Martín, Rivadavia and Orán. Since then, at least ten boys and girls have died – most of them belonging to Wichis communities – due to malnutrition, dehydration and other avoidable causes associated with the conditions of extreme vulnerability in which they live.

Tuesday the girl

was taken to the hospital in Santa Victoria Este

by relatives in a critical state: with seizures, fever for days and fecaloid vomiting (with fecal matter content). After the resuscitation maneuvers that were carried out for hours, he was transferred by helicopter to the hospital in Tartagal, where he died.

Lopez explained that the girl

“I had all the controls in a timely manner, I wasn’t a malnourished little girl.”

“The punctures were made where pathological cerebrospinal fluid was detected and so far what the studies show is that it is a picture of meningitis. What remains to be defined is the germ that produced the pathology: we are waiting for the results of the studies,” he said. the doctor

On the other hand, he explained that the girl had had a fever for two days, that when the family was convulsing, she took her to the hospital in Santa Victoria and that “at approximately 14.30 she arrived in Tartagal, where she spent an hour, made a strike, had own complications of a sepsis and died. ”

As López rebuilt, at first, the fecaloid vomit “suggested that he could have an occlusive intestinal pathology or peritonitis, but was later ruled out.”

“She was controlled, with medical visits until July of last year. Health workers last visited her on February 21 to complete the vaccination schedule,” said the doctor.

When asked if death could have been avoided, he replied: “Being a meningitis, I don’t know if in another situation it was saved. The girl was well controlled.

We have to take it as an isolated case and see what germ the pathology produced


Finally, the doctor explained that the parents were transferred last night with their daughter’s body, by van, to Pozo del Tigre.



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