LN – Alexia Rattazzi: “Being kind is a very powerful action that can change the life of another person”


“Kindness is free, very powerful and we can all exercise it”


“I am obsessed with kindness,” acknowledges Alexia Rattazzi, a young child psychiatrist and founder of Panaacea, known for her awareness work on autism. This fascination has to do with the fact that she is convinced that kindness is a very powerful attitude to make a difference in people's lives and that it is also a great therapeutic tool.

“Anyone can be kind. You don't have to study in a university, it's free. When we talk about kindness we talk about very simple things, like listening to the other with attention, with the smile, with putting a hand on one shoulder, with a hug, respecting the diversity and uniqueness of another person. It is love without conditions. That is “I will accept you as you are.” And this applies to anyone, “summarizes Rattazzi.

Another of his battles is to try to bring down all the “NEVER” and the myths that exist around people with autism. “Like he will never have friends, he will never be able to be affectionate, he will never be able to work. Many of those never that parents heard when they received a diagnosis were not fulfilled. When someone who supposedly knows a lot about the subject tells you” you son will never be able to do such a thing “he can condition that father or mother not to fight, to resign himself to saying this is what will happen,” Rattazzi explains.

He says it with no hairs on his tongue: “We have to break the stigma of the poor thing. In many cases people with autism suffer less than the people around them. There are people with autism who fall in love, who have friends, who have family, that they are very sensitive, that they are affectionate, that they laugh and others that not so much. As in other people.

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