LN – Alberto Fernández was registered as “health personnel” and 385 irregular vaccinated were confirmed at the Posadas

The registration system of the people to whom the vaccines at the beginning of the vaccination campaign it was disorganized, lent itself to confusion and mistakes, to the point that385 people who appear vaccinated at the Posadas Hospital and registered as health personnel, are not. With this category, health personnel, the president is even registered Alberto Fernandez.

This was concluded by a very detailed report from the Office of the Administrative Investigations Office, which states that “In total there would be 385 people who were classified as health personnel who do not provide services as health personnel at the Posadas Hospital and who would not be registered in the database of the Federal Network of Health Professionals Registries (REFEPS) as Health Personnel ”.

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Likewise, the report points out that beyond the fact that the numbers between doses received and doses distributed have a correlation with what was analyzed by the PIA, the truth is that “the detail of information regarding the distribution of doses (either at the provincial level or at the national) would not be the most appropriate ”.

The PIA found that the errors in the registry of those vaccinated even reached the President, who was identified as health personnel

The PIA found that the errors in the registry of those vaccinated even reached the President, who was identified as health personnel

The prosecutor Sergio Rodriguez sent this report to the prosecutor Eduardo Taiano, that together with the judge Maria Eugenia Capuchetti they investigate the vip vaccination whereby people who were not supposed to be vaccinated at that time were irregularly immunized, as the journalist initially admitted Horacio Verbitsky.

In fact, Verbitsky appears in the prosecutor Rodríguez’s report. There it is noted that on February 18, 2021, along with the journalist, Lourdes Noya Aldrey, Matilde Noya Aldrey, Dolores Noya Aldrey, Félix Eulogio Guille, Florencio Aldrey, Jorge Enrique Taiana, Salomón Schachter and Eduardo Félix Valdés were vaccinated at the Posadas Seza Manukian. . Horacio Verbitsky appears registered in the database as “Verbinsky”, according to the official report.

These people who attended to be vaccinated that day were categorized, nine of them as strategic personnel, including “Vebinsky”, and one person aged 60 years or more.

After the scandal broke out, the Government released a list of 70 vaccinated, including officials such as Carlos Zannini (registered as health personnel like his wife), close to the Government and the former minister Ginés González García, What Eduardo Duhalde and his family, the aforementioned businessman Aldrey Iglesias and his family, as well as historical references of the PJ, such as Hugo Curto and Lorenzo Pepe. Unlike Fernández, none of them released the photo of their vaccination.

The report further argues that President Alberto Fernández was registered as health personnel and attributes this ruling to the “errors” made in loading the data of the vaccinated. “Errors are observed in the direct charge to the Nominalized Federal Vaccination Registry (Nomivac) in relation to the category,” says the prosecution’s work. And he points out that the reasons why these mistakes were made are the following:

  • It could lend itself to ambiguity for the administrators who were charging if the vaccinated person was strategic personnel or health personnel, when he only identified himself as a doctor or from the Ministry of Health. Until the sanitary portfolio issued a resolution to clarify the matter.
  • Except for well-known people, such as Foreign Minister Felipe Solá or Ambassador Daniel Scioli, the administrators “could not properly identify their category since they were part of groups of five identified as ‘sent by the Ministry of Health’”.
  • Inadvertent errors themselves, such as three health workers charged as “strategic personnel” or President Alberto Fernández.

The Posadas Hospital plant is made up of 5,477 agents. From December 29, 2020 to February 23, 2021, the Posadas Hospital vaccinated 4,386 people. In total, he applied 5,985 doses. Of these, 5962 were classified as applied to “health personnel”, 19 were classified as “essential personnel” and four were classified as applied to “persons aged 60 years or more”.

Only 3,789 people of the 4,372 who were vaccinated at the Posadas Hospital are on the list of the national health personnel registry and actually belong to that Hospital. The remaining 583 people who are classified as health personnel “would not belong to the list of people who provide services there.” And with regard to those 583 people, there are 198 who are registered in the database of health personnel as workers in other health centers.

That is why “in total there would be 385 people who were classified as health personnel who do not work at the Posadas nor are they registered in any base as health personnel.”

The prosecutor also said that another source of loading errors is due to the fact that two different databases were used according to the origin of the vaccines. Thus, the categorization of both “health personnel” and “strategic personnel” that appears in the Federal Register of Nominalized Vaccination (Nomivac) does not correspond in many cases with the category that would have corresponded to it because the Buenos Aires Cipres system, which was incorporated in mid-January 2021 in this hospital when batches of vaccines began to be received from the Ministry of Health of the province of Buenos Aires, since it was required to load in each system according to the origin of the batch received.

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The categories of people to be vaccinated at Cipres do not coincide with those at Nomivac. At Cipres, health personnel have two categories: intensive care units or not, while at Nomivac they are unified as “health personnel.” In turn, the Cipres does not have the category “strategic personnel”.

If the people sent by the National Ministry of Health (be they strategic personnel or other people) attended this hospital to get vaccinated at the time that the vaccination center was using a batch from the province of Buenos Aires, these people were charged to the Cypress; a system that, when they were submitted to Nomivac, did so in the “health personnel” category.

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