LN – A special request: “They are children waiting for some eyes to see them”


María Cristina with Matias and Carlos

I was born in Bella Vista, Corrientes. My affections are there. From time to time I leave the acquired Buenos Aires and “go home”. On one of these trips, a child approached a few years ago offering his help to move my suitcase in exchange for what I could give him, with an obvious difficulty in emitting the voice, hoarse and barely audible.

To that “opportunity” that he gave me to meet us, others followed, which led me to ask which school I attended and I knew that I was going to the special school of the town “Pedro Merello”, which I approached to internalize his needs. Sometimes I could cover them while generating a nice friendship with him.

After a few months I lost its route and nobody knew how to locate it. But
That same school showed me Antonia's face and smile again. She was far from registering her dark family situation. With Sister Dominga and the generosity of someone else, we were able to give her the long-awaited dress she wore on the day of her first communion with other catechesis companions.

As if it were a common thread, my steps took me back to the same school. The assistant who already knew me mentioned the names of two boys who did not belong to that establishment and who needed special help: Carlos and Matías, aged 12 and 14 respectively. He gave me the address, something far from the center and I got to know them. The excuse of my presence was to give them T-shirts, slippers and school objects.

As I entered with confidence my gaze could recognize a house whose walls were made of black plastic, with some frayed wooden slats, and a patio where a mother lay in bed. In the distance he explained that he did not want to share the space, precariously closed, for fear of the husband's violence. When I offered his arm so he could move, I realized his total blindness.

Routine questions arose towards the boys. “What school do they go to? What grade? What sports do they do? In what neighborhood club? The director of the Naval Prefecture Argentina School told me about the countless absences of those boys, one with normal performance and the other with a significant cognitive deficit but without diagnosis The integrating teacher of the course did what she could but that was not enough.

I returned to Buenos Aires with the hope of getting an improvement in the roof of the house, which was achieved with much effort and with the commitment of a person from the area that would meet their minimum needs, knowing that Carlos and Matías are in the process of judicialization and with the possibility that the food aid of the province reaches them.

Thanks to this network, material assistance is minimally guaranteed. But,
What about the minds of those kids who won't be able to minimally complete their primary school and much less high school?

Like them, many who walk among us and are not seen, have priority only in the easy rhetoric of speeches and commitments that are diluted in the short term.

They are there without guilt or privilege, just waiting for some eyes to see them, for some ears to hear them, for some hands to accompany them. And the most difficult, concrete actions with visible results, to integrate in the future the knowledge society from which today's children cannot be excluded.

I do not want to sit idly by. I want to do something else for these guys and I invite them to join. People who want to communicate with me can do it by cell phone at 549114-163-2642.



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