LN – A journalist from Radio Nacional said that Córdoba is “a shitty province, with shitty people”

While there is still concern regarding the scope that the delta variant of Covid-19 had in Córdoba, after a traveler from Lima, Peru, arrived in the country infected and did not respect the isolation; In the city of Buenos Aires, an operation was also started in Montserrat to cut the epidemiological chain of two positive cases with this strain, a journalist from Radio Nacional said that Córdoba is “a shitty province, with shitty people.”

The irresponsibility of those who did not comply with the sanitary provisions outraged the journalist of National Radio Juan Alonso, who poured Controversial comments on people from Cordoba and Buenos Aires on his Twitter, and then apologized.

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“Córdoba, that country apart. He had Juan Filloy [por el escritor] already these mamertos of fifth napa born fascists. 160 people isolated by a major covidiot that he did not take care of his health, when he returned from Peru he caused the entry of the delta variant, and violated the health care of millions of Argentines, ”he commented, at first. A while later, he said that Córdoba was “The mirror of a country crossed by hatred” and that they should take charge “of that province full of bad people that promote hatred ”.

Later, he also added: “The one that was missing: they are investigating whether the City has circulation of the delta strain. A day where the indignant people of Cordoba They get mad because I tell them they have a shitty province with shitty people. In the City it is not so different. I’m sorry if the truth fucks you up. ” In that sense, he also criticized the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, when calling him “The educated beast.”

In addition, he told the people of Cordoba that “they raised Negri as a gray fox and watchman of cornices in the Law”, with reference to the deputy Mario Negri, about who even expressed that “He’s gaga, but nobody took him out of airplane mode.”

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The apology

Yesterday, Alonso stopped with this type of publication and apologized: “I made a mistake in generalizing because of the attitude of a Peruvian citizen who infected 17 families, with the isolation of 800 people, and caused an epidemiological bomb in Córdoba. That is why I apologize to the people of Córdoba. The irresponsibility of five people does not involve everyone ”. In that province, the results of 300 tests are expected, there are already 800 isolated ones, and there are 19 infected with the delta variant.

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“I want to order my sincere apologies to each and every citizen who opposes the narrative of individual freedom as opposed to collective care in a pandemic in Córdoba. They and they they cannot be exposed as irresponsible, because they are not, “added the journalist who appears on his Twitter account as head of journalistic investigation of National Radio.

However, he complained about the publication that the Clarín newspaper made of his tweets. “What the Clarín multimedia did with me means a open public stoning ”, I consider.

Santa Fe was not saved

Before apologizing, the journalist also addressed the internal hot from the Frente de Todos in Santa Fe, where the outgoing defense minister, Agustin Rossi, will face in the PASO -together with the lieutenant governor Alejandra Rodenas- to the list of Marcelo Lewandowski and María de los Ángeles Sacnun, which has the backing of Governor Omar Perotti and the Casa Rosada.

“Santa Fe is a tale of [Juan José] Saer: a family of mestizo knives pawns who are killed in the river by a woman who never loved them, “Alonso tweeted, adding:” The stagnant air corners the humor of the gringos who know the neighbor by his truck. Everyone knows everything about everyone and gossip and envy climb with the ego as a rudder. Santa Fe is a story by Saer: heaven from hell ”.

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