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Guess How Much a Ticket to the Copa Libertadores Final Is Going for on the Black Market

final-copa-libertadores-2018-river-plate-boca-juniors-final-los-pleyersPhoto:Les Pleyers

The end of the world, also known as the Copa Libertadores final between River and Boca, is near. No one wants to miss this match up for the ages, and since it is literally impossible – and I am not using literally like a millenial, I actually mean literally – to get a ticket if you are not a member of the team or were given a so-called “protocol” ticket, the activity in the scalping market is frenetic. And consequently, given the magnitude of the event, these black market prices to access the event are through the roof. The skyscraper roof.

We did some research, and found that the most expensive ticket being sold grants access to the River Plate stadium’s exclusive “Paddock section.” Here, fans watching the second leg of the final can indulge in a pre-game sit-down meal in the lounge room, followed by some drinks and, when ready, receive the true football experience seating on a plush cinema seat in the private viewing area.

What was the price of that ticket, you ask? The modest sum of AR $1,415,775. At the moment this article being written, that is the equivalent of US $39,702. To get a dimension of the figure, consider that the minimum salary in Argentina is of AR$ 10,000 – meaning that this ticket is worth 141 and a half minimum salaries in the country.

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The Paddock’s Lounge Area. Photo:River Plate

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Sadly, however the last ticket for the paddock was sold yesterday – so if you were thinking of buying yourself a ticket, don’t stress because you buy plenty of other items you could purchase to fill that void. Here’s just a few of them:

3 Brand New Chevrolet Onyx LS Joy – AR $441,900

Photo: Chevrolet

Why have one when you can have three? Instead of heading to the game you could grab yourself three brand new Chevrolet hatchbacks – three colors for three different moods? – for the same price and still have some money left-over.

 11 MacBook Pro 15” Touch Bar Laptops – AR $122,500

Photo:Libertad Digital

Apple’s top of the range MacBook Pro comes everything you could ask for: Touch ID technology, a stunning Retina display, Intel 6-core and quad-core processors. You could get one for you and one for your 13 best friends to stream the game live, see if it eases the pain of not being able to go to the stadium.

 15 Nights in Alvear Palace in the Presidential Suite – AR $91,783/night

Photo:Alvear Palace

One of the most luxurious hotel in Buenos Aires, the Alvear Palace offers views of the parks of Recoleta, a reception hall, a large living room, a dining room to seat up 8 people, a cozy studio, a large bedroom, and two bathrooms fully clad in botticino Italian marble, well-appointed with hydro massage, sauna, and LCD TV. For a private service, the suite has a small kitchen with a separate entrance. Oh and don’t forget the butler service as well. So, ticket or a fortnight there?

 10,185Kg Playadito con Palo Yerba Maté – AR $139

Photo:Circle of Drink

With National Maté Day taking place on 30 November, you could make sure your mate silos are fully stocked and ready for the celebrations with the million people you are having over to celebrate.

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47,192.5 meat Empanadas – AR $30

Photo:Bon Appetit

A household favorite among families in Argentina – instead of going to watch the match at the stadium why don’t you invite the neighborhood over and use the money on providing everyone with a lovely snack to watch the game on the TV. Whoever is still hungry after 47,192 empanadas can get the last half.

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Other club members, however, know that times are tough: there are other available tickets that are going for a few hundred thousand pesos. But if this is still steep for you, you can always watch it on TV. I heard there is a guy in Palermo who was not able to get a ticket and is buying empanadas for the whole neighborhood on the 24th. I think I’m going to do that.

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