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Former Justice Zaffaroni Doubles Down on Wish for Anticipated end of Macri Administration | BA

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Despite facing widespread backlash from the government and other sectors of Argentine politics, former Supreme Court Justice Eugenio Raúl Zaffaroni doubled down on his  recent controversial statements about how he wishes for the Macri administration to see an early end.

In an interview on C5N, Zaffaroni argued that the government is “taking the country down a path that will end up turning into a social catastrophe,” caused by “an economic crisis.”

“If they leave early we will issue less debt, we will be able to fix the problem. It’s just a wish. They might leave [office] in 2019. It’s only a year away, but this is leading us to a social catastrophe. Either they calm down or we will meet a violent end,” he said.

The former Justice, who has provided legal council to former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner after leaving his seat at the highest court in the country, insisted on his position and argued that the government will lead the country to a situation that similar to the economic meltdown of 2001, when a massive socioeconomic crisis practically (metaphorically) made the country go down in flames.

“I don’t want another 2001. Let’s avoid a disaster, because this leads to violence and death. We have to prevent this. If they make it to 2019, let them leave then, or maybe they can leave as a result of an impeachment process, I don’t know,” he added.

His latest statements have not yet drawn public responses, but the previous ones prompted immediate condemnation from government officials, who accused him of being anti-democratic and promoting their ousting. And both Justice Minister Germán Garavano and Buenos Aires City’s Lawyer Bar demanded he resign from his seat at the OAS’ Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR), which he holds since early 2016.

Following the same line of thought, Security Minister Patricia Bullrich said in a TV interview that Zaffaroni’s words promote the forceful ousting of the government. “To wish for a government to leave office earlier, especially coming from someone who was a part of the Supreme Court… that’s certainly a coup-mongering attitude,” said Bullrich.

“It is an attempt to interrupt the normal democratic life that elections provide,” she added.

Buenos Aires City’s Lawyer Bar released a statement demanding Zaffaroni leave his post at the IACHR, encouraging the court to remove him should he not do it, “or risk being sullied by the indignity of one of its members.”

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