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In this lesson of our English Spanish Parallel Texts course and we are going to practice using the days of the week in Spanish. Start by reading the text in Spanish below. The English translation is provided later but please try not to look at it until you have read the Spanish version various times and tried your best to understand it.

There may be some words and phrases in the text that you are unfamiliar with, but you should be aiming to capture the main essence of what is happening. There will always be words and phrases popping up in real-life situations that you have never heard before, so it is important never to get too distracted by details.

If you want to investigate some of the words you don’t know with a dictionary that would be great, please do, but do this after trying your best to understand with what you already have in your head.

Check out this video lesson with information relevant to this topic:

Days of the Week

days of the week

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Spanish Text


Javier: Hola Eva, ¿cómo estás?
Eva: Bien, ¿y tú Javi?
Javier: Bastante bien. Aunque me he roto la muñeca.
Eva: No lo sabía. ¿Cómo te lo has hecho?
Javier: Jugando al baloncesto el lunes pasado.
Eva: ¿Te duele mucho? Pobrecito.
Javier: Antes sí, pero ahora está mucho mejor.
Eva: No recuerdo, ¿eres diestro o zurdo?
Javier: Soy zurdo y, como ves, me he roto la muñeca izquierda.
Eva: Entonces no puedes escribir.
Javier: No puedo escribir, ni hacer muchas otras cosas. No puedo trabajar tampoco. Estoy de baja tres semanas mínimo.
Eva: Qué bien, ¿no?
Javier: Sí y no. No me encanta mi trabajo pero…
Eva: ¡A quién le encanta su trabajo!
Javier: Bueno, a mi primo Fernando sí. Es futbolista. Pero me parece que solo entrena los martes y jueves.
Eva: Ya, pero eso no es muy normal.
Javier: Ya. Bueno, la cosa es que estoy super aburrido. No puedo hacer las cosas que normalmente me gusta hacer.
Eva: Relajarte. ¿Por qué no ves la tele todo el día?
Javier: Sí, estoy viendo mucha televisión. Pero normalmente no veo casi nada y no sé qué programas son buenos.
Eva: Yo soy experta. Veo un montón de tele. A ver… los lunes Supervivientes, empieza a las nueve, los martes Sálvame Deluxe, lo echan casi toda la tarde, los miércoles Gran Hermano, a partir de las diez, los jueves Masterchef por la tarde y Mujeres y Hombres al mediodía, los viernes…
Javier: Espera Eva. Gracias por tu ayuda, y no he visto ninguno de estos programas, pero suenan como realities o prensa rosa. No me gusta nada la televisión basura como Sálvame.
Eva: ¡Qué dices chaval! A mí me encanta Sálvame. Es buenísimo. Me parece que echan algunos documentales en la dos los sábados y domingos por la noche.



English Text


Javier: Hello Eva, how are you?
Eva: Well, how about you Javi?
Javier: Pretty good. Although I have broken my wrist.
Eva: I didn’t know. How did you do it?
Javier: Playing basketball last Monday.
Eva: Does it hurt a lot? Poor thing.
Javier: Before yes, but now it’s much better.
Eva: I don’t remember, are you right-handed or left-handed?
Javier: I’m left-handed and, as you see, I’ve broken my left wrist.
Eva: So, you can’t write.
Javier: I can’t write, or do many other things. I can’t work either. I am off work for at least three weeks.
Eva: That’s good, isn’t it?
Javier: Yes and no. I don’t love my job but …
Eva: Who loves their job!
Javier: Well, my cousin Fernando does. He is a soccer player. But I think he only trains on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Eva: Yeah, but that’s not very normal.
Javier: Yeah. Well, the thing is, I’m super bored. I can’t do the things that I normally like to do.
Eva: Relax. Why don’t you watch TV all day?
Javier: Yeah, I’m watching a lot of television. But normally I don’t watch hardly anything and I don’t know what programs are good.
Eva: I am an expert. I watch a lot of TV. Let’s see … Mondays Survivors, it starts at nine, on Tuesdays Sálvame Deluxe, it’s on almost all afternoon, on Wednesdays Big Brother, starting at ten, on Thursdays Masterchef in the afternoon and Women & Men at noon, on Fridays …
Javier: Wait, Eva. Thanks for your help, I haven’t seen any of these programs, but they sound like realities or gossip programs. I don’t like junk television like Sálvame.
Eva: What do you mean kid! I love Sálvame. It is very good. I think they show some documentaries on Channel Two on Saturdays and Sundays at night.


So, how did you get on? How much did you understand of the original text before checking the translation? Please let me know in the comments section below…

Don’t worry if you didn’t understand that much, practice makes perfect! Be patient and keep reading, hearing, writing, and speaking Spanish. See you next time!

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