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Spanish courses in Buenos Aires

¿How many times have you studied a language to end up realizing that what you had been taught you was useless? Surely, several times. That’s why our main objective is to reach communicative competence, that is, the ability to communicate in Spanish according to the situation.

 images of our school in Buenos Aires - Basi-spanish

In BASI we know that if you choose to study Spanish is because you want to know our city, have fun and share feelings with people. So the school has programs and flexible schedule that most students have time to visit Buenos Aires, and has a variety of courses to suit everyone’s needs.

You can begin your course any single day. You can be part of a group, join a group after individual trainning or attend individual lessons. We offer three options…

1. Superintensive course for begginers: to handle everyday basic situations in a short time.


Learn the basics very fast. You will be provided the tools to communicate in ordinary, predictable, everyday and tourism situations. Traveling through Buenos Aires and Latin America will be easier and more enjoyable. You can begin with a group or join it after individual training. The intensive course consists of 30 hours per week (2 weeks per level), 4 hours with a group of people in the morning to incorporate knowledge + 2 hours with a group of people later in the evening (for conversation and practice).

After this course, you will be able to (week 1) greet, introduce yourself, introduce other people, ask for and give personal information, fill in forms; ask and answer about the meaning, enhance the pronuciation and spelling of words; speak about your needs; book a room, apartment, car and tour; write short and informal notes; order some food at a restaurant, ask for the bill; make an apoitment; ask for and give information about addresses and locations; read signals; travel; ask and express the time; buy; express your like and dislike; qualify, compare; speak about habits; read a simple article; express an obligation; express moods and problems related to health; arrange plans for the future; speak about the weather; make and accept an invitation; speak about past and recent events; read and comment on the news; agree and disagree.

2. Regular group course: improve your Spanish at any level

Conversation in BASI Spanish, Buenos Aires

Improve your Spanish or pass to a higher level. Lessons for elemental, intermediate and advanced levels. 20 hours of group work per week (4 hours a day, 3 weeks per level).

After this course, you will have obtained some tools to handle different situations, whether extraordinary or formal, in accordance with your specific level. For example, you may be able to speak about present, past and future events in detail; express needs, wishes, wills, requirements and conditions; ask for and offer some help; express opinions; excuse yourself, value an event; express hypothesis and handle different linguistic resources. You will gain fluency and self-confidence.

3. Private lessons: customize your own schedule and go at your own pace

Choose to study one on one or with a friend/relative privately. You can follow an intensive or regular course choosing your own schedule. You can also choose your goals to achieve and topics. Special material will be available depending on your needs.

We offer you 8 levels of Spanish. Each level is reached when a period of 60 hours is completed (55 minutes per hour) and it covers specific grammar topics to fulfill the main objective of the course: which is to improve the student ability to communicate and maintain a conversation and use the Spanish language structures naturally

In group or private lessons, oral, written and listening comprehension activities always focus on the use of the language in different contexts.




Regular group course

20 groups hours a week

U$S 195 per week

Super intensive course

30 groups hours a week

u$s 292 a week

Private lessons

10 private hours

u$s 250 a week (u$s25 per hour)

Spanish classes: morning schedule








9:00 to 13:00

Spanish classes


Spanish classes

 Spanish classes: afternoon schedule







13:30 to 17:30

Spanish classes


Spanish classes

Level Test

Before starting the course, you take oral and written tests to determine the degree of language knowledge that you have. Afterwards, you will be placed in the correct level.

Registration and commencement of courses

To participate in our courses, you should have previously filled out the registration form. Once registered, you must take into account that:

  • We start courses every Monday. You should come to the school on Monday at 8:00 AM in order to complete the placement test and the registration procedure.

  • Registration fee is USD 75


You need to pay a reservation for all courses (through Paypal). Ask us by e-mail the reserve percentaje.

Levels and groups

Each level has a syllabus to be completed in 60 group hours. The groups must have a minimum of 3 students to be opened and a maximum of 7 students.

Should there be less number of students than the required amount, we generally propose to our students to take 3 hours a day -in the case of two students in a group- or 2 hours a day – in the event that only one student attends the course- .

Certification and university credit

– Spanish courses given by our school are formally endorsed by the UTN (Universidad Tecnológica Nacional- Technological University of Argentina).

– The programs of these courses are designed according to the European Framework for Languages and are supported by the Ministerio de Educación de la República Argentina (Ministry of Education of the Argentine Republic).

– With each course you can take a final exam (DELE). You may receive a diploma certified by the university, with transferable university credits.

Materials and books

The main book is part of a teaching system created for our students. Throughout the book, grammar structures and vocabulary are present and put into practice through

  • reading comprehension
  • grammar exercises
  • listening comprehension exercises
  • conversation (role play, debate)
  • written composition

Supplementary Material

The supplementary material accompanies every unit of the Spanish book, helping put into practice the grammar structures developed during lessons. This material consists of interactive games, images, songs in Spanish, audio role play activities, among others.
The material used during the courses has been specially designed to satisfy the communicative needs of students who have to face everyday situations in Spanish-speaking countries.

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