If you have been reading some of my previous posts, you may be familiar with the most popular newspapers in Spanish and practiced your language skills by checking them daily.

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Another thing you have surely noticed is that coronavirus has been the main subject on all media since months. In this post, you will find Spanish vocabulary to better understand all the current events.

Let’s start by the word coronavirus. In Spanish, this word is a masculine noun made of two words: corona (crown), derived from Latin, and virus (virus). It received its name from the crown-like structures observed on the virus’s surface.

Keep in mind that coronavirus remains the same in both singular and plural:

El coronavirus es un virus contagioso (Coronavirus is a contagious virus).

Los coronavirus son objeto de numerosos estudios (Coronaviruses are the main subject of numerous studies).

What follows is the ever-growing vocabulary list in everybody’s mouths today all around the globe:































  • Propagación: The spreading of something, in this case, of a disease. The word diseminación can also be used in this context.
















Please, take every precaution to keep you safe during these difficult times, and don’t forget to wash your hands!

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