THe solar eclipse, as seen from Río Gallegos. Photo via Télam

It would seem that every weekend attempts to outdo the other with the intense heat, making any outside venture a foolhardy decision and a sacrifice. Not only that, but with Monday and Tuesday off, why on Earth would you read up on anything that isn’t the incredible La La Land/Moonlight blunder at the Oscars last night?

In any case, should anyone feel like rising out of the feriado induced lethargy or is actually at work (kudos), here’s what’s happened over the weekend.

  • Multiple but conflicting reports came out over the weekend that Milagro Sala had tried to inflict harm on herself with a pair of scissors in prison. Some reports raised the question of the incident being a suicide attempt. News broke over the weekend but the incident itself took place last Wednesday, when she allegedly had a nervous breakdown after being informed of three new cases being brought against her. A fellow inmate allegedly saved her, but Sala is thought to have inflicted a wound to her abdomen: she is being treated by the jail psychologist and is reported to be in stable condition. There had been rumors about the incident, including stories that an inmate had tried to stab her, but on Saturday the national coordinator of Tupac Amaru, Alejandro Garfagnini, confirmed what had happened and reported that she was medically stable. The organization has also denied that it was a suicide attempt. 
Photo via Mendoza Post
Photo via Mendoza Post
    • Yesterday morning saw a solar eclipse, meaning that the moon passed between the earth and sun, slowly covering and uncovering the rays from our view. In Argentina, the eclipse was most noticeable at 10:37 AM. As in many cases of Argentine news, the best part of the experience, if you did managed to see it without going blind, was the plethora of memes.
  • As the beginning of the school year approaches, so do the paritarias and the threat of a teacher strike for March 6th and 7th. Over the weekend, Suteba Secretary General Roberto Baradel told Radio 10 that “teachers and students have been left to their luck” and “if the government decides to resolve the issue of collective barganing with [an executive] decree, it would just be further proof that they are an authoritarian government.” Baradel also compared the government’s treatment of teachers to the dictatorship. Labor Minister Jorge Triaca, meanwhile,  said yesterday that “Declaring a protest [at such an early stage], when there are still months of negotiation left, is a little disproportionate.” Read more: Teachers’ Unions Announce National Strike On March 6, 7
Teachers' union leader Roberto Baradel. Photo via
Teachers’ union leader Roberto Baradel. Photo via
Photo via Clarín
Photo via Clarín
  • According to a study by the Argentine Chamber of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (CAME), Argentina’s import of consumer goods has increased by 22.5 percent this year alone, spelling trouble for small and medium-sized businesses (PyMES in Spanish). In a press release, the CAME warned that “due to a lagging exchange rate, high internal costs [of production] and the lack of customs controls, a large portion of industrial PYMES are compromised as they cannot compete with the incoming products [from abroad.”
  • As nobody who so much as opened the window over the weekend will be surprised about, the National Meteorological Service established a red alert on Saturday due to the heat wave that is set to continue at least until tomorrow. They also released a statement with several suggestions on how to get through the heat, including avoiding sweet alcoholic drinks — so if you do find a pool to bask in, it’s apparently preferable to pass on the clericot or margarita. It would evaporate in minutes, anyway.
Photo via La Nación
Photo via La Nación
  • Clarín’s Political and Economic optimism indices were published yesterday, with statistics compiled by the Management and Fit consultancy firm, revealing bad news on the political front as the Political Optimism Index decreased by one point in comparison to last week’s values. According to Management and Fit, the decrease is due to issues like the teachers’ strike that was announced during the week and the power cuts. The Economic Optimism Index has remained stable.

Go forth and show yourselves to be well informed, my loyal Monday readers!


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