We show you where to eat after too much of this. (Photo via eventbrite.fr)

We’re back by popular demand with Volume Two of post – boliche eating, giving you countless ways to avoid that dreaded bajón.

If Volume One didn’t quite satiate your need for post clubbing morfi, Volume 2 is here to prove Buenos Aires can do post midnight eating – you just have to look a little harder.

The Five Cocina Abierta Hasta Las 5 AM

We can't promise it'll look as gourmet as this, but we can hope so. (Photo via Santa Maria World)
We can’t promise it’ll look as gourmet as this, but we can hope so. (Photo via Santa Maria World)


If the title of this restaurant wasn’t self explanatory enough, the whole concept of this place is that the kitchen is open till 5 AM, which doesn’t really make sense since it actually operates until 6 AM. But hey, we’re not complaining about the extra hour of opportunity. With a simple menu of the usual steak and chips, The Five Cocina is an excellent option when all of Palermo’s eating options seem to be shut down. As the the chips begin to clear your cloudy thinking, you can enjoy remembering all of your poor decisions of the night before.

Serrano 1598 | Tues – Sun 12 PM – 6 AM | Mon 12 PM – 5 AM 

El Lomo Feroz

Because a chicken focaccia sandwich is classic drunk food.(Photo via Food Network)
Because a chicken focaccia sandwich is classic drunk food.(Photo via Food Network)


Drunk food doesn’t get better than a huge homemade focaccia sandwich loaded with chicken. OK, that might be a slightly cheto answer, but really there’s nothing better than that to soak up the alcohol and save your soul from the crushing demon that is the hangover of the morning after. Line up outside this Palermo Hollywood joint and savor your Palermo – esque choice.

Fitz Roy 1666 | Tues – Sat 8 PM – 4 AM | Sun – Mon closed 

La Niña de Oro

(Photo via Clarín)
(Photo via Clarín)


A Palermo classic, that dishes up classic Argentine morfi. Think medialunas from early morning to late night pizza or chicken milanesas. Whether you’re a breakfast person at 6 AM or want a serving of greasy pizza, La Niña has got you covered.

Av. Santa Fé 4496 | Mon – Sun open 24 hours 


That classic drunk food craving - pan dulce. (Photo via Babieca)
That classic drunk food craving – pan dulce. (Photo via Babieca)


It’s 5 AM and you fancy some pan dulce. A slightly odd post-clubbing craving – we can’t lie to you. Maybe’s it’s that deeply addictive combination of stodge and sweetness, who knows? But it’s March, Christmas is well and truly over with, now what? Babieca, the fanciest 24 hour restaurant of them all, offers their famous pan dulce all year round. Definitely not greasy spoon, and more fine dining, Babieca also offers plenty of savory combinations too, like their steak and chips.

Av. Santa Fé 1898 | Mon – Sun open 24 hours 

DTM Express

(Photo via Restorando Buenos Aires).
Good hearty morfi right there. (Photo via Restorando Buenos Aires).


Conveniently located next to train station Belgrano C, DTM Express is perfect for your late night stumbles home. A 24-hour parrilla dishing up all the classics, feast upon a plate of chips and a choripan. Carb – meat bliss that may make your morning (let’s be real here, afternoon) a little more manageable. Recommended is the fried egg on milanesa combo, because grease and protein is just what you need.

Av. Virrey Vértiz 2015 | Mon – Sun open 24 hours 

Bar La Academia

(Photo via La Noticia Web Ciudad).
We can at least pretend we’re being intellectual. (Photo via La Noticia Web Ciudad).


Named because the bar used to be a meeting place for the intellectuals and students of the neighboring universities, we doubt you’ll be heading there for such intellectual reasons. Head over here to devour a plate of pizza and chips in elegant surroundings so you can convince yourself that it’s really no bad thing to be eating pizza in downtown at 6 AM.

Av. Callao 368 | Mon – Sun open 24 hours 

Los 36 Billares

(Photo via Mountains of Travel Photos).
Fancy a game, anyone? (Photo via Mountains of Travel Photos).


If you feel like winding down and playing pool before you officially call it a night, downtown’s Los 36 Billares offers a huge hall of pool and snooker tables where you can play to your heart’s content. A pages long menu of oven-baked pizza along with empanadas is available to keep hunger pangs at bay.

Av. de Mayo 1271 | Sun – Thurs 7 AM – 2 AM | Fri – Sat 7 AM – 4 AM 

Pancho Factory

(Photo via ga-limited)
(Photo via ga-limited)


Sometimes it’s only a pancho that’ll satisfy the gaping nothingness that is your panza after a night out. When you thought a pancho was just a bit basic, the selection of sauces and toppings as well as specialties is endless.

Juramento 2405 | Sun – Tues 10.30 AM – 1.30 AM | Wed 10.30 AM – 12 AM | Thurs – Sat Open 24 hours 

Pizzería Torino Norte

(Photo via Diario Veloz)
(Photo via Diario Veloz)


A pizzería born out of Spanish and Italian heritage, Torino Norte proudly offers the best of Argentine pizza along with sandwiches, salads and other main meals. Open for the full 48 hours of the weekend, Torino Norte is the perfect Villa Crespo pit stop on your way home from a night of Palermo Boliche – ing.

Av. Juan B. Justo 3995 | Mon – Wed 6 AM – 2 AM | Thurs 6 AM – 12 AM | Fri – Sat open 24 hours | Sun 6 AM – 12 AM

Pedidos Ya

(Photo via Portinos)
(Eat from the comfort of your floor. Photo via Portinos)


Let’s not forget, if you’re more than a little worse for wear and the idea of eating out in public is just too repulsive and really all you want to be doing is lying on a bathroom floor somewhere, Pedidos Ya offer the god sent saviour of 24 hour delivery with selected restaurants. Just remember if you order delivery you will actually have to be functioning enough to hear the door bell – choose wisely people.

See their site for more info.

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