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The Setlist: Live Music in Buenos Aires, April 25th Edition | BubbleAr

Do you remember that Super Bowl halftime show where Prince performed in the pouring rain and it was widely remembered as THE BEST SUPER BOWL SHOW EVER? Well folks, that is the mindset for this weekend. Yes, the forecast predicts rain, and yes, in Buenos Aires that usually means floods worthy of Noah’s proverbial ark, but we are telling you right here and right now – these bands are worth it! So get out your galoshes and get thee to the shows. Do it for Prince.

Check the playlist below to get a taste of the bands featured in this week’s Setlist (at least the ones we could find on Spotify)! And don’t forget to follow BubbleAr on Spotify for our weekly Setlist picks, and much more!


Cerebrossss Vol.12

Everyone’s favorite experimental electronic DIY party is back to make Thursdays a little less insufferable with glitchy noises and analog sounds galore. Paula Montenegro, Maay, Depuratumba, and Diego Betas will be among the artists to perform, turning knobs that will make you move muscles you didn’t even know you had.

9 PM | AR $50 | Espacio Cultural Mi Casa | Aguero 787

Piter Mazda / Marton / Expo / Pelu en el Nuevo Emergente

Psychedelic indie rock outfit Piter Mazda y los Políglotas and introspective singer songwriter Marton and his band will be presenting their latest LPs (‘Menos de lo mismo’ and ‘La película que no te has montado,’ respectively) at El Emergente. In addition to seeing a great couple of live shows, you’ll also be able to get a haircut, courtesy of La Peluqueria de Martha and Trini Hairdresser, and watch art expos by several artists.

8 PM | AR $100 | El Emergente Bar | Acuña de Figueroa 1030

Salón Pueyrredón Discos presents; NOCHE NUEVA

Salón Pueyrredón Discos presents Noche Nueva, an event whose only aim is to introduce you to your future favorite bands among the Buenos Aires indie scene. Performing live will be ambient pop project Palusunsystem, singer songwriter Lou Baumann, garage rockers Los Fritos, post punk trio Unión Soviética, multidisciplinary improv project Ectoplasma, and indie rockers Fisunauta, plus record stands, art expos, and the usual DIY goodies.

9 PM | AR $50 | Salon Pueyrredon | Santa Fe 4560


Radio Emergente Fest Vol. II

Radio Emergente Fest is here for its second edition, this time with a little something for everyone. Literally. The highly diverse and abundant lineup consists of groovy funk ensemble CuatroCientosOnce, ska band SOMBRERO CLUB, genre-hopping LGBT duo BIFE, disco/bossa nova outfit Cultural Bombing, jazz duo Contrasaxo, tango project TOKIO, folk band The Yuyos, and Manteca! Jazz Trio, plus stand-up shows, short films, illustrations, poetry, and much, much more.

8:30 PM | AR $100 | El Emergente Bar | Acuña de Figueroa 1030

Viejo Puto, Los Culos, y Duhalde en vivo!

Garage punk band Los Culos, politically incorrect punk rockers D.U.H.A.L.D.E., and Viejo Puto, a band we know nothing about except for their approximate age and sexual preferences, will be playing at Plasma, in what will probably be the filthiest, grittiest show of the week.

10 PM | Club Plasma | Piedras 1856

Fauna Fuzz / TOTS / Para Establecer un Rio en Casa Dasein

Dream pop/shoegaze combo Fauna Fuzz, experimental jazz rock ensemble TOTS, and post rock band Para establecer un Rio will be performing live at Casa Dasein where, in addition to the live music shows, there will also be DJ sets, art expos, and record stands to satisfy your consumerist urges.

10 PM | Casa Dasein | Av. Estado de Israel 4116


Callao + Medalla Milagrosa en La Casa de Teresa

Psychedelic indie rock project Callao will be playing live with champions of reverb Medalla Milagrosa, in an event that will crack the paint off the walls and make your decibel meter go insane. But dude, why do you even carry that thing?

10 PM | AR $80 | La Casa de Teresa | Acuña de Figueroa y Humahuaca

Moonwax VOL.1 – Metadron + Fauna Fuzz en Club Plasma

Combining live music with visual arts and live DJ sets, Moonwax is a new concert series that you can add to the ever-growing list of ciclos devoted to bringing you the best live muzak in Buenos Aires. For its first edition ever, drone rockers METADRON and dream poppers/shoegazers Fauna Fuzz will be performing live, and you’ll also be able to find art expos, projections, and other cool artsy stuff to get your creative juices flowing.  

11:45 PM | Club Plasma | Piedras 1856

FESTI 2000 Vol 7! El Club Audiovisual / Acuario Cristal / Las Bermudas

The seventh edition of Festi 2000 is among us, with the usual four-band roster and a couple of cool art expos that your eyes can gorge on. Lo-fi indie bands El Club Audiovisual and Aventura en el àrbol, new age-y dream pop combo Acuario Cristal, and sunny indie rock project Las Bermudas will all be performing live at the perfect place for an event such as this: Espacio Cultural Mi Casa.

12 AM | AR $100 | Espacio Cultural Mi Casa | Aguero 787


 Camila Moreno en Buenos Aires

Afraid that ringing in your ear might never go away? Relax, it’s probably nothing, but you should give your eardrums a break regardless. Luckily, and as usual, we’ve got the right option for you: Chilean singer-songwriter Camila Moreno is coming to Buenos Aires to play a free live show at La Usina del Arte, along with adorable avant pop outfit Amor Elefante. Did I already mention it’s FREE?

8 PM | FREE | La Usina del Arte | Agustin R. Caffarena 1

Los Peces & Billy Zabaleta En La Tangente

Stoner rock band Los Peces will be playing a show live at La Tangente, along with funk rock band Billy Zabaleta. This pair of up-and-comers in the BA indie scene will be performing at one of the nicest music venues we’ve seen in this town, and for that alone you should go and check it out, especially if you can also support the work of independent bands.  

12 AM | AR $150 Presale | La Tangente | Honduras 5317

Bestia Bebé acústico en Camping (Gratis)

LAPTRA associates Bestia Bebé goes full-blown acoustic at Camping for a quiet set of songs that’s likely to sound nothing like the vehement soccer anthems they’re known for. If you’re the chill, outdoors-y type, then this will probably be more up your alley than the rest of the Sunday shows.

9 PM | FREE | Camping | Av. Pueyrredón 2501

A quick reminder. We want to make sure we cover as much material as possible each week; but with a scene this active, a lot can slip through the cracks. So, in our effort to remain on top of things, we’ve set up an e-mail address where you – that’s right, you, dear reader – can submit your own suggestions for shows for us to cover. If you have a gig coming up, or you know of one, we want to hear about it! Hit us up at

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