Photo via Junin te informa

Fabio Perroni was taken into custody today after his brother, Buenos Aires Province Police Chief Fabián Perroni, pressed charges against him for influence peddling and fraud.

There is no risk of awkwardness at the next family asado since, according to sources consulted by La Nación, the two brothers haven’t talked to each other in more than ten years.

In his accusation, the Police Chief stated that his brother Fabio showed up at a police station with a business card in which he presented himself as F. Perroni, presumably trying to pass as his brother, and attempted to sell the officers present insurance against the theft or seizing of their regulatory weapons.

Fabio Perroni, a civilian who is not a part of the police force or a public official, then tried to call the station’s head to get him to gather all the officers so he could sell them all the insurance at once.

Oh and that’s not all. He then offered one officer the possibility of quashing an alleged internal affairs investigation against them that was allegedly heading to a suspension.

Once Fabián Perroni found out about the events, he got in touch with the Buenos Aires Province’s Security Minister, Cristian Ritondo, and ordered the officers involved to take him to court.

Once the charges reached the prosecutor’s office, Fabio Perroni was taken into custody, accused of attempted fraud and influence peddling.