This year’s Teatro Bombón cast. (Photo via Teatro Bombón).

With the nights drawing in, the weather going gray, and the realization that summer has well and truly left the building, Sunday evenings can feel just a little bleak. Along with that well-known “Sunday Scaries” feeling of impending doom, the recently dull fall weather doesn’t help matters. Thankfully, anti–Sunday events are becoming a thing here in Buenos Aires. What better way to banish the blues than to see some theater and enjoy a couple of cocktails too?

To help cheer us up, Teatro Bombón is here with a theater festival mainly consisting of 30-minute plays, as well as some sporadic dance acts and a few musical performances. Adapted to fit this short time frame, plays are dynamic and energetic to keep the audience fully engaged.

The play 2nda Vuelta is on throughout May. (Photo via Teatro Bombón Facebook Page).
The play ‘2nda Vuelta’ is on throughout May. (Photo via Teatro Bombón Facebook Page).


Originally taking place in Avenida Corrientes’ Casona Iluminada, this is the first time that the festival will be housed in Recoleta’s mansion-bar Milión. With each of the performances staged in the beautiful art nouveau rooms throughout the building, the setting is half of what makes the plays so special. The experience feels more like an informal private showing in someone’s own house than an actual theater festival. The bar, grand and decadent, is also an absolute must for any cocktail-loving theatergoer.

Intimately presented, each room holds a maximum capacity of about 20 spectators; audience members feel a part of the action unfolding before their eyes. Somehow the lack of any separation between the audience and the stage makes the plays even more captivating. Free of distraction or any barrier, it’s easy to feel that this high speed, dynamic style of theater is much more compelling than your average full-length play.

'Usted está actuando', is another one of May's scheduled plays. (Photo via Teatro Bombón's Facebook Page).
‘Usted Está Actuando’, is another one of May’s scheduled plays. (Photo via Teatro Bombón’s Facebook Page).


Now in its tenth edition, 19 of the festival’s previous theater directors have returned to take part in a special retrospective edition of the Sunday evening festival. Running since April until the end of June, each month has a separate agenda with six different plays running on any given four-week time frame. With subject matters ranging from love in the era of social media to adapted classic Argentine works, the idea is that plays are fast-paced and engaging for everyone, captivating the audience from the moment the curtain goes up to the last round of applause.

Short and easy to watch, it’s quite possible to bounce between a few during one Sunday evening. Dipping in and out of the mansion’s grandiose rooms, it’s easy to feel as though you’re stepping in and out of different worlds. With subject matter varying between the light and the heavy, it becomes all too easy to become completely immersed in each of the play’s storylines.

'En el Medio del Bosque' is on throughout May'. (Photo via Teatro Bombón's Facebook Page').
‘En el Medio del Bosque’ is on throughout May’. (Photo via Teatro Bombón’s Facebook Page’).


Intriguing subject matter this month includes two men trying to reinvent the concept of love but unsurprisingly unleashing a shed load of weirdness in the process, to a first-person written and performed opera. Topics can be somewhat off the wall, but the quirkiness certainly ensures for an entertaining and unpredictable evening.

An easily manageable program would be to arrive at 6 PM and see three plays, with a few scheduled breaks as you go, giving you plenty of time to sample Milion’s famous cocktail bar. This is theatergoing as its most relaxed and enjoyable. What could be better really, than moving from play to play, cocktail in hand?


Milion Bar plays host to this year's Teatro Bombón Festival. (Photo via Mundanos -
Milion Bar plays host to this year’s Teatro Bombón Festival. (Photo via Mundanos –


Curated and produced by actor and theater director Cristian Scotton as well as Monina Bonelli, an artist, and curator for Centro Cultural 25 de Mayo, they both wanted to create an experience that is different and exciting for the spectator. Specifically, Scotton wanted to push the boundaries of theater and experiment with different artistic conventions. Bonelli also suggested that a longer play of three hours wasn’t necessarily better or with a more developed plot line; however, she also said that she wasn’t interested in making the experience easier or lighter for the audience by producing a play of thirty minutes. Of course to fit a fully gripping storyline into 30 minutes is a challenge for any director. There is no luxury of time and acting must be super tight and together for any short play to run smoothly.

But it’s not just Teatro Bombón that is leading the way with shorter more intimately performed plays either. The Microteatro in Villa Crespo, which opened in August of last year, is another newly popular porteño haunt for alternative theater fans. Different to the traditional evening out along Corrientes, the shorter and faster variant is of course much less formal and with tickets usually available to book on the night of, moments before show time, it is easier to organize. It seems that shortened, compressed, and more dynamic variants of theater are growing in popularity and becoming a staple in any keen theatergoer’s routine.

Taking place every Sunday for the rest of May and all of June, for more information check out their Facebook Page.  Tickets can be purchased for AR $120 for each play. For two plays the price is AR $200, for three plays AR $270, and for four plays AR $320. To reserve tickets head to Alternativa Teatral.

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