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 "Learn Spanish is a necessity. We can help you to better communicate"

We offer you different programs of Spanish for different circumstances: occasional travelers, couples, families, friends, business people, professionals and students in general. All programs are designed according to the European Framework for Languages and are supported by the Ministry of Education of Argentina. With each course you can take a final exam (DELE). You receive a diploma certified with transferable college credits.

Also you have the opportunity to learn Spanish online via webcam with a native professor. BASI  allows you to learn Spanish at home, at your workplace or any place where you can connect to the Internet, when you want and, if you wish, with your partner or one friend.

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Online Spanish lessons

Online Spanish lessons with native professor via skype + interactive lessons in Thinkle, our virtual learning center. We help you prepare for international spanish exams. 

 online spanish courses

We offer a fully flexible, effective Spanish program online with the quality and guarantee offered by a traditional Spanish school. Over the years we have taught thousands of hours of classes to students from across the world.

With BASI, you can take control of your learning process and every single lesson gives you an opportunity to practice speaking Spanish and to learn from an expert. 1 on 1 classes with a native professor, via Skype or teleconference in our e-learning platform, anywhere in the world.

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Study abroad in Buenos Aires

"The choice of Argentina as a base for training in Spanish is growing every year. Only in 2011, the number of students rose from 28,000 to 37,000"

BASI ubication map

1- OUR SCHOOL   2- Plaza de Mayo   3- Casa Rosada   4- Obelisco   5- Puerto Madero   6- San Telmo neighborhood  7- Corrientes Ave.  8- 9 de Julio Ave.

What explains this increase? Argentina is an attractive country for its strong academic tradition, a prolific proposal of cultural and tourist activities, and a favorable exchange rate. It is also a safe country and offers a profile that combines modernity and tradition. But above all, the Spanish version in Argentina is much easier and faster to learn than the traditional Spanish language. This is why thousands of students choose short Spanish courses in Buenos Aires

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Practices in the street

In BASI, unlike other Spanish schools, is that you can agree with the teacher which parts of your classes will be "street practice"


Do you need buying clothes in a shop, foodstuffs in a supermarket or have a drink in a typical bar of Avenida de Mayo? The teacher shows you how to do it in school, and then accompany you to a bar or a mall to put in practice your classes. Do you want to meet argentine boys and girls through Internet? The teacher helps you to create your profile in the most popular argentine social networks.  Are you looking for a job in Buenos Aires? The teacher indicates you how to create a CV in our city's job explorers.

And so on, what you need..

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