Hugo Moyano was the primary speaker at last week’s march. (Photo via Télam / José Romero)

A federal prosecutor in Córdoba has asked that union leader Hugo Moyano to be summoned for questioning with regard to money laundering and fraud charges linked to the purchase of properties in La Falda.

Prosecutor Gustavo Vidal Lazcano told Radio Universidad this morning that “Moyano, along with others, was charged in December 2017 with the crimes of money laundering and fraud,” after the purchase of five properties in the province raised red flags.

For the prosecutor, a series of “suspicious” operations lead to the properties’ increase in price – from ARS 300,000 to ARS 6,000,000 in just three months. The final buyer was the Teamsters Union (Camioneros); Moyano signed for the purchase as the union’s legal trustee. The defendants are under investigation for inflating the price of the properties. The other defendants are not part of the union.

The purchases date back to 2004 and the investigation recently sprang to life after having initially been started by the PROCELAC under the former stewardship of Carlos Gonella. According to Vidal Lazcano, speaking on Cadena 3, a bank originally reported a suspicious operation to the PROCELAC.

Federal Judge Alejandro Sánchez Freytes must now decide whether to summon Moyano for questioning. If he does, the judge will then have to decide either to drop charges or indict him.

The news comes soon after last week’s massive rally organized by Moyano and allies, during which he argued that he had nothing to hide from the courts.

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