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The charges pressed against former Supreme Court Justice Eugenio Zaffaroni for incitement to commit a crime (apología del delito, in Spanish), resulted from his statements last week when he said he wished for an early end of the Macri administration, seem to share the fate of most accusations originated by public statements: oblivion.

Federal Prosecutor Ramiro González considered that the current judge of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights did not commit a crime, in contrast with what lawyer Santiago Dupuy had assured – a man that in addition to this and according to Infobae, has close ties with the government. Without González’s support, Federal Judge Ariel Lijo is more than likely to archive the case.

In his request, the prosecutor referred to the first interview in which the former Justice criticized the government (the one that motivated the accusation) and concluded that while it’s obvious that “we are seeing a subjective appreciation of the Argentine political juncture,” this can “in no way can be considered a crime.”

Zaffaroni saw himself embroiled in controversy after stating in successive interviews that he wished for an early end of the Macri administration: “If they leave early, we will issue less debt, and we’ll be able to fix the problem. It’s just a wish. They might leave [office] in 2019. It’s only a year away, but this is leading us to social catastrophe. Either they tone things down or we will meet a violent end.”

This prompted harsh responses from the government’s top officials in the Justice and Human Rights Ministry, who requested the former justice to be removed from his post at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

This end result was already unlikely to happen on the first place, and it seems that this news serve as confirmation.

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