President Mauricio Macri speaks at the Centro Metropolitano de Diseño, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Barracas, on International Women’s Day. (Photo: Daniel Dabove/DDC)

President Mauricio Macri addressed a crowd at the Centro Metropolitano de Diseño today and commemorated International Women’s Day. In his speech, he made some big promises to women, including equal pay for equal work.

“We can’t allow women to earn less than men,” Macri said. “It doesn’t make sense. There is no explanation. Equal pay guaranteed by law must become a reality. This president and his team will make it a reality,” he said.

For context, the wage gap in Buenos Aires is pretty bad. La Nación reported on the stats today for a special International Women’s Day report, and there’s clearly a lot of work to be done.

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2018-03-08 12:41:04

Mollie Leavitt

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