jue. Feb 21st, 2019

Map of the Restricted Areas and Roadblocks in Buenos Aires


Thinking about going out this weekend in Buenos Aires, huh?

Well, besides the obvious limitations that arise from transportation going to hell, then there’s the small matter of security around the G20, which can mean that your friendly Saturday stroll could go haywire if you choose to take it down the wrong barrio. That’s why we at BubbleAr have decided to share the following map with you, a visual aid of sorts to help you be aware of your own limitations. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


Another area that will be affected will be San Isidro, which will be hosting a dinner between the spouses of the world leaders on Friday, meaning that from 07:00 to 16:00, transit through several arteries inside the barrio will be restricted. For further information, including a map of the streets affected, click here.



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2018-11-27 12:55:56

Pedro Camacho

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