Willy Sarmiento, Lucas A. Engel and Andres Schneir, three quarters of Lucas & The Woods. (Photo via Indiehoy).

Call it the ‘Stranger Things effect,’ but all things 80’s are currently having a *moment.* However, while we love listening to the classics of that decade, constantly looking to the past can leave you feeling in a bit of a rut. Luckily, Lucas & The Woods are back with their new EP “Pensacola Radio,” treating us to a new edition of their retro-influenced, forward-looking sound.

Lucas & The Woods are one of Argentina’s most exciting young bands. Formed in 2014 in Buenos Aires, the band’s members each have years of experience in diverse musical projects, each bringing their own expertise to the group. The musical members of the group are Andy Schneir on bass, Will Sarmiento on drums, and lead singer Lucas Arancibia Engel on synth and guitar. However, they are a band whose aesthetic holds equal importance to the music, and so the quartet is completed by Nico Sedano, in charge of their artistic direction.

Following performances at festivals such as We Color Festival, Food Fest Buenos Aires, and Emmanuel Horvilleur’s Ciclo CalorAma at the Usina del Arte, they are currently preparing for their own show at La Tangente on June 7. Having their own stage will allow the band to fully express all their musical personality as they play their blazing new EP for the first time, with never-heard-before versions of their songs.

The band have been teasing us with this new release, drip-feeding us singles that perfectly demonstrate the inextricable link between the visual and the musical. From the bleak dystopia of ‘Victoria’ to the peppy pop of ‘Solo’, the videos for these songs perfectly evoke the atmosphere of each song, as well as demonstrating the sheer diversity of their musical style.

This is their second EP following their eponymously titled debut in 2016, and given the band’s immense creativity in terms of their music and image, this concert promises to be a treat for all the senses. The interplay between live music, light shows, and interaction with the audience will result in a performance which is just as multi-layered as their songs.

The band originally formed to make the music that they themselves wanted to listen to. Particularly inspired by the English-language music of the 1980s, they struggled to find anything similar sung in Spanish and so took matters into their own hands, joining forces to make music that treads the fine line between the old and the new.

At first listen it sounds almost relentlessly retro, evoking 80s genres such as synth pop, electronic rock, and even the New Romantics, with lead singer Lucas’s flawless smoky eye make-up. However, with influences as wide-ranging as Prince, Peter Gabriel, Foster The People, D’Angelo, and John Mayer, upon closer listen you become aware of the multiple layers at play in their music.

Essentially, the band’s music is defined by fusion, the interplay between different styles and decades to create something entirely fresh and different. Huge fans of 80s films such as ‘ET’ and ‘The Goonies,’ their first EP was inspired by the spirit that these films convey, combining genres as diverse as ambient, downtempo, darkwave, and funk to create a highly atmospheric sound which evokes new environments and images in our minds. This new EP will build on their unique style, the songs colored with the influence of pop, indie, and 1980s rock.

(Photo via Lucas & The Woods).
(Photo via Lucas & The Woods).


“Pensacola Radio” was composed by Lucas & The Woods, produced by Nico Cotton (Winner of the Gardel de Oro for the record “Tus Ojos Mis Ojos” by Axel), mastered by Eduardo Bergallo, and recorded in Estudios Romaphonic. It will be released on all digital platforms on May 18.

Lucas & The Woods | Thursday, June 7 | 9 PM | La Tangente, Honduras 5317, Palermo | Entry AR $250 | For tickets and more info, click here.

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