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International Students: This Sunday, ‘It’s Your Day’! | BubbleAr

(Photo via: Travel Buenos Aires)

On Sunday, March 25, the City of Buenos Aires Tourism Center will hold a welcome event for international students called “Es Tu Día” at the polo field in Palermo. It’s part of the CABA initiative Study Buenos Aires, a city-wide effort to increase international youth tourism through study abroad.

The free event will begin at 2 PM on Sunday, and there will be several activities to help students further their understanding of Argentine culture. Attendees can participate in a polo lesson, slackline, a climbing wall, soccer, tennis, tango classes, mini-language classes, karaoke, mate workshops (because don’t all of us international students need a deeper understanding of the phenomenon that is mate?), and more.

This is the fourth time the city has held the welcome event, with the most recent one being last September at the Centro Cultural Recoleta. In all, 2,643 people came, representing more than 70 different nationalities. This year the government expects around 5,000 students to show up, including those from both Buenos Aires and the interior; the overarching goal is to integrate local and international students, fostering relationships that transcend borders.

Study Buenos Aires collaborates with 21 universities to attract international students to the city. In 2016, 50,430 international students came to Buenos Aires for academic reasons, bringing in AR $2.5 billion.

The event is free, but in order to attend you must register here.

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