This is a Tesla! (Not a GM electric car, but we thought it looked cool, and it’s an electric car – don’t judge!)

The US-based multinational car corporation General Motors (GM) announced Tuesday that this year, they’ll begin selling electric cars in Argentina, according to Infobae.

“Argentina has a lot to gain with the shift towards electric cars,” Carlos Zarlenga, the president of GM Mercosur, told Télam. “It’s a trend that isn’t stopping. In the next five years, we’re launching 20 new electric products.”

Zarlenga is right: according to this Bloomberg data analysis, sales for electric vehicles are on a huge upward slope, projected to succeed for years to come.


Back in May, the Argentine government announced it would eliminate taxes on all electric vehicles, encouraging their sale throughout the country. While Zarlenga clarified that this is definitely a step in the right direction, he also highlighted how the governments of many developed countries actually subsidize electric cars (if you catch his drift). “In the US, there’s a US $10,000 subsidy for every electric car sold,” Zarlenga explained.

It doesn’t look like the Macri administration will be increasing subsidies anytime soon, but, buying an electric car could help you save on gas, which is considering the price increases, definitely means saving money on the long run.

The Guardian reported a few months ago that the eco-friendliness of electric cars significantly depends on how electric power is generated, which changes from country to country. In Argentina, 87 percent of electricity comes from fossil fuels, but the government has set its goal to bring that number down to 80 percent by 2020, so that will definitely play a role in how green the green cars are.

Electric cars in Buenos Aires aren’t big yet, but the first electric car charging stations come to the city in March, which will enable these vehicles to actually run around the city without having to go back home (or to an eco-friendly work place) to be able to charge your car. That being said, it remains to be seen how much Argentines actually hop on the trend of electric vehicles – considering this is a country where car purchases are on the rise, it’s nice to think that things will also be getting a bit greener. Here’s hoping!

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2018-02-14 14:37:27

Mollie Leavitt

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