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‘Creators: Passion Brought to Life’ Returns | BubbleAr

Pablo Ramírez, fashion designer, werking it for the camera. (Photo via Creadores, la pasión hecha obra).

Are you feeling a bit drab? Does it seem like the color has gone from your life? After a May jam-packed with artistic events, from arteBA to FACA, it’s easy to feel a little hard done by as we struggle through this freezing, barren June. However, it’s not all so bad. Creadores: la pasión hecha obra (Creators: Passion Brought to Life) has returned with its second series, providing more intimate glimpses into the lives and works of Argentina’s most exciting contemporary artists.

Creadores: la pasión hecha obra does for artists what Chef’s Table did for chefs, but in a bitesize format. It’s a series of short documentaries, each less than eight minutes long, providing you with a snapshot of a particular contemporary artist’s work in less time than it takes you to prepare your morning mate. Created by journalist and producer Susana Parejas, the series strives to create links between the creators and their audience, giving viewers an unparalleled insight into the lives and works of these artists and designers, who are some of the most prominent cultural voices in Argentina right now.

What’s notable about Creadores is that it breaks down some of the pretension that surrounds contemporary art, offering highly-personal glimpses into the lives of the artists in question. This series continues the thematic focus of the first season, passing through the homes, studios, and intimate surroundings of the artists in question. There is no narrator or presenter; instead, the episodes are structured as conversations in which the protagonist not only discusses their relationship with art, their creative processes, their sources of inspiration, but also questions such as the challenges that they face on a daily basis and anecdotes about their life and ideas.

“Showing the artist in their workshop, together with their work which is exhibited and is in contact with the public, generates a dialogue between the creator and the spectator: a path full of passion that encourages them to create and share with each other,” said Parejas, the project’s director, producer, and screenwriter.

Visual artist Andrea Moccio in her studio. (Photo via Creadores: la pasión hecha obra).
Visual artist Andrea Moccio in her studio. (Photo via Creadores: la pasión hecha obra).


Each episode features a prominent representative of the Argentine cultural scene, from street artists to interior designers, visual artists to architects, displaying the dynamism and variety of the national contemporary art and design scenes. The series also traces the journey of their works, filming in museums, galleries and ferias, creating a comprehensive vision of the path from inspiration to creation to consumption by the general public.

The episodes can be seen for free on the Creadores website and YouTube channel. Also interesting is that on the website, you can access a biography of each artist and a gallery featuring photos from the filming process. The creators featured in season 2 are Pablo Ramírez (fashion designer), Carolina Antoniadis (visual artist), Julio Oropel (architect and designer), Román Vitali (visual artist), Guillermina Lynch (designer), Inés Raiteri (visual artist), Leo Vinci (yes really… he’s a sculptor), Andrea Moccio (visual artist), David Klauser (visual artist), and Martín Ron (street artist).

Muralist Martín Ron (Photo via Creadores: la pasión hecha obra).
Muralist Martín Ron (Photo via Creadores: la pasión hecha obra).


This new season was filmed in the Delta del Paraná and Mar del Plata in Buenos Aires province, in Santa Fe, and some of Buenos Aires’ most prominent cultural spaces, such as the CCK, Tecnópolis, Fundación Osde, Espacio Cetal, arteBA, and Designers Buenos Aires Week, among others. The choice to film at  arteBA and Designers Buenos Aires Week demonstrate how Argentine contemporary art and design is a leading force that is embracing the internationalization of the market in recent years.

Series such as this are vital for demystifying a world which can often be dismissed as too complex and pretentious, instead breaking it down and showing the individuals who have contributed to making the Argentine contemporary art and design scene one of the most exciting in the world. Framing the episodes as intimate encounters between artist and audience, the series encourages the conversation around art, opening up this world to a larger audience and wider interpretation.

The designer Guillermina Lynch (Photo via Creadores: la pasión hecha obra).
The designer Guillermina Lynch (Photo via Creadores: la pasión hecha obra).


To view the episodes, visit the Creadores website here or their YouTube channel, where you can also access the first season of the series. Happy streaming, y’all.

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