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The body of Araceli Fulles, a 22-year old woman who has been missing since April 2nd, has been found in a house in José León Suárez, in Buenos Aires Province.

Search dogs first marked out a leg, and then the remains of a naked body, which they later identified as that of Araceli Fulles. According to La Nación, the body was found “in a lying down position, beneath a basement, 35cm below the round.” The body was covered with a layer of debris and a concrete slab, in a demolished construction site behind the house.

The house, in Alfonsina Storni 4477, belongs to the mother of the prime suspect, Darío Vadaraco, who is currently on the run. Although the house had been raided previously by police, no evidence was able to be to uncovered before police returned a second time yesterday, with search dogs. The dogs had found Fulles’ purse 9 days ago, in nearby Villa Ballester.

Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook

Vadaraco (29) has previous convictions of armed robbery and concealing weapons. He has admitted to being with Fulles on the morning of her disappearance, and that the two had sex in his car — in which Fulles’ hair has been found — but claims that he did not know where she went after they separated. Though the search for Vadarado continues, six men have been arrested in relation to the crime, four of whom are accused of involvement in the homicide, and two for helping to conceal the body.

Just 12 blocks away from where the body was found, Fulles’ family, friends and neighbors held a march at 6pm last night, to ask for the girl to be found, alive.

The cause of death is as of yet unknown, but an autopsy carried out today should bring more details. According to the current hypothesis, Fulles was invited to the house for an asado; when she arrived there were more people who attempted to abuse her and ultimately killed her when she tried to resist. It was confirmed that the murder took place 27 days ago, the day she was last seen.

The Ministry of Social Development’s helpline, #144 is available to any woman who finds herself the victim of any type of violence.

Photo via Presidencia de la Nación
Photo via Presidencia de la Nación

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