Argentina’s Ministry of Tourism has opted for a Buzzfeed-style ‘5 places you should visit if’ list for their latest video campaign designed to get Argentines hyped up about holidaying on their home-turf.

There are two videos so far – ‘5 Places To Visit If You Want To Shout’, and ‘5 Places To Visit If You’ve Just Started Dating’, and shows two different couples rinsing Argentina dry of outdoor adventure spots, before concluding that ‘what you are looking for has a place – live [it in] Argentina’.

There’s not one sweaty tourist in sight, falling out of love with hiking while half way up a mountain, nor anyone being shoved out of the way in the name of a photo opportunity at Iguazú. Instead, in perhaps the best exhibition of pure joy ever to be seen in an advert, we have a sixty-odd year-old man, waving a fish above his head like a trophy, shouting ‘F***, it’s good to be alive’. Who says breath-taking landscapes have to be a place for silent awe and contemplation? Well, possibly the man’s wife, it’s hard to tell…

The line, in all its expletive glory, is actually a direct quote from Confucius. Well actually, no te quiero mentir, it’s taken from a film – Argentine 90s classic Caballos Salvajes – in which a character muses ‘…but one day I discovered: I can still do something to be completely alive, before I become completely dead. So, I started to get moving.’ Admittedly, it sounds like the unbearably dreary and pretentious content of someone’s travel blog, but the advert is actually pretty cute…

If the fish-throttling didn’t have you convinced, the elderly couple curse their way through many an adventure sport, Bariloche’s Seven Lakes Route, Iguazu Falls, Tilcara Carnival and Pampa del Leoncito, washing it all down with a stroll through the vineyards of Mendoza. The young couple explore their own 5 of the country’s highlights, all wrapped up in a quest to prove their love to one another (a complex plot for a two minute long video), and again teaching us something the great thinkers of our age could not: that nothing spells love like hypnotizing a crocodile.

Now let’s start talking about those low cost air carriers coming to Argentina so we can act on our new found enthusiasm for seeing more of this wonderful country.


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